Naruto Uzumaki Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Death, Biography & More

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Naruto Uzumaki (なると うずまき) is a Japanese fictional character created by Masashi Kishimoto (岸本雅史) for the anime/manga series “Naruto”. Naruto, the main protagonist of the series, is a master of mischievous, one of the strongest shinobi and Hokage of Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village).


Naruto Uzumaki was born on Tuesday, 10 October 1989 (age 34 years; as of 2023). His zodiac sign is Libra. Naruto learned basic ninja skills and education in a local Shinobi school in his village Konohagakure and earned the title of Genin. After several completing missions and going through rigorous tests & battles, he successfully became a Chunin. And then years later, Naruto got his dream designation (Hokage) in his village, skipping the Jonin rank.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.):  5′ 11″

Weight (approx.): 50.9 kg

Hair Colour: Yellow

Eye Colour: Blue

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Naruto Full Body Pic


Chakra Nature: Wind Release

Intelligence: 7/10

Physical Strength: 9/10

Emotional Strength: 8/10

Speed: 8.5/10

Initiative: 10/10

Social Skills: 10/10


Naruto had no parents, so he lived his childhood all alone. He always sought friendship to eliminate his loneliness. Though villagers resented him because he was a Jinchurki. Instead of being sad or depressed, Naruto used to bother adults with his mischief to get their attention. Well, his mischief traits helped him later trick his opponents. His MBTI personality type is ENFP.

Naruto Mischief Kid

A picture of kid Naruto doing mischief

Despite growing up without parents and having so much hate from the villagers, Naruto never took the wrong path. No matter how hard the situation becomes, Naruto never gives up. His ability to befriend anyone and get anyone out of darkness makes him a unique character in the series. Naruto always says “Believe It”, his famous catchphrase, whenever his comrades need hope. There exists a vicious cycle of hatred in the shinobi world as illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto and Naruto is the ‘Child of Prophecy’ who has put an end to this cycle and established peace among all five villages.

Hero Of The Village

The day Naruto defeated Pain


The protagonist was an orphan. His mother and father were killed by a demon fox on the day of his birth.

Parents & Siblings

Minato Namikaze was Naruto’s father as well as the fourth Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village.

Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze, the father of Naruto

His mother, Kushian Uzumaki, lived her life being a Nine-Tail’s Jinchuriki until her death.

Kushina Uzumaki

Naruto’s Mother, Kushina Uzumaki

Wife & Children

Naruto came into a relationship with Hinata Hyuga just after ending the Fourth Great Ninja War and later married her in front of the Kages of all five villages.

Boruto Uzumaki is his first child, who is also the main protagonist of Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generation.

Boruto Uzumaki

His second child, Himawari Uzumaki, is a young and promising shinobi of Hidden Leaf Village.

Himawari Uzumaki


Shizuka, a leader of Nadeshiko village, took a liking to Naruto because of his fighting skills. Although she was good-looking, Naruto still had no feelings for her.

A follower of Orochimaru, Guren from a small village, Otogakure, had a crush on Naruto.


Shion was from Miroku, known as the Land of Demons. Without any hesitation, she asked Naruto to impregnate her.

Shion and Naruto

Since childhood, Naruto has been madly in love with Sakura Haruno, a member of Team 7 and a professional medical ninja.

Sakura Haruno


As Naruto grew up without parents, friendship was the only bond he had. That is why we see in the anime/manga Naruto surpasses his physical capabilities sometimes in order to protect his comrades. Throughout his journey of becoming Hokage, he made bonds with many shinobis.


Sasuke Uchiha, the last member of the Uchiha Clan, is Naruto’s comrade and friend. Both had something very special in common — they both were orphans. Moreover, people living in the village feared both of them. Naruto always considered Sasuke his true friend and rival. The bond between Naruto & Sasuke was somewhat like brothers.

Naruto and Sasuke


Sakura Haruno, the wife of Sasuke, a professional medical ninja, and a member of Kakashi’s team, has always been close to Naruto. More than that, Naruto had feelings for Sakura. There is an important scene in the series when Sakura asks Naruto to bring Sasuke back and Naruto confidently promises to fill Sakura’s wish.

Sakura Haruno


Gaara, the present Hokage of Sand Village, became friends with Naruto. Though Gaara came to Hidden Leaf Village to destroy it during chunin exams. But after fighting Naruto, he released they both have gone through the same despair. This is how Gaara made his first friend.

Naruto and Gaara


Shikamaru Nara is a special friend of Naruto since the time when the entire village hated and feared Naruto. Shikamaru didn’t leave the side of Naruto even after Naruto became the Hokage. Presently, he assists Naruto in carrying out his Hokage duties.

Naruto And Shikamaru

Other Friends/Comrades

Lee, Neji, Tenten, Shiba, Shino, Hinata, Choji, Ino are all Naruto’s friends. Lee, Neji, and Tenten were in Team Guy, and Shiba, Shino, and Hinata were in Team 8 led by Kurenai Yūhi. Choji and Ino were with Shikamura, together called Team 10. Even training in different groups, they remained close and helped each other.

Lee, Neji, Tenten, Choji, Ino, Shiba, Shino, Hinata

Religion/Religious Views

The concept behind most ninjutsu and sage chakra is related to Buddhist and Shinto mythology. So Naruto Uzumaki could be one of the above-mentioned religions.


Naruto Uzumaki was born and raised in Hidden Leaf Village (Konohagakure). His home where he lived all his childhood alone and his new home where he is living with his wife & children are somewhere middle of the village.



The first chapter (Naruto Uzumaki!!) of Naruto manga Vol 1 was released on 3 March 2000 in Japanese and 6 August 2003 in English.

Chapter one of Naruto

Chapter One of Naruto


The Naruto anime series, consisting of 220 episodes, was telecasted in Japan on 3 October 2002.


There are a total of 26 Novels, focusing on the life of Naruto and its important characters. The complete list of novels given below is arranged in order.

  • Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky
  • Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness
  • The Last: Naruto the Movie
  • Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze
  • Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding
  • Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage
  • Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom
  • Boruto: Naruto the Movie
  • Naruto: The Tale of the Utterly Purehearted Shinobi
  • Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light
  • Itachi Shinden: Book of Sunrise
  • Naruto: Tales of a Gutsy Shinobi
  • Naruto Jinraiden: The Day the Wolf Howled
  • Konoha Shinden: Steam Ninja Scrolls
  • Boruto Novel 1
  • Boruto Novel 2
  • Boruto Novel 3
  • Naruto Shinden: Family Day
  • Sasuke Shinden: A Cloud Dancing in Forlorn Flower Petals
  • Naruto Shinden 2018
  • Kakashi Retsuden: The Uchiha Descendants and the Heavenly Stardust

Video Games

Anime/manga fans can explore the ninja world of the Naruto series and even can get the gist of all characters’ power levels through the below-listed popular games.

  • Naruto: Ultimate Ninja (2003)                                                                                                                     Naruto Ultimate Ninja
  • Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (2008)                                                                                                      Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (2010)                                                                              Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (2013)                                                                                  Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (2016)                                                                              Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
  • Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker (2018)                                                                                                Naruto To Boruto


There have been a total of three official live stage shows happened in popular cities/states of Japan such as Tokyo, Fukuoka, Miyagi, and Osaka, and in other countries such as Macao, Malaysia, and Singapore.

  • Live Spectacle Naruto (2015) in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Miyagi, and Osaka                                    Naruto Stage 2015
  • Live Spectacle Naruto (2016) In Osaka and Tokyo                     Naruto Stage 2016
  • Live Spectacle Naruto (2017) In Osaka and Tokyo                                       Naruto Stage 2017

Voiced By

Junko Takeuchi and Maile Flanagan became the Japanese and English voices of Naruto respectively. Names of voice actors who gave voice to the main protagonist in different languages are given below.


Junko Takeuchi, Ema Kogure


Maile Flanagan


Tobias Pippig


Carole Baillien


Úrsula Bezerra, Priscila Ferreira


Javier Balas, Isabe Martiñón


Leonardo Graziano, Giuliana Atepi


Daniel Magon, Tuva Shafir


Botond Előd


Urvi Ashar


The Controversial Death of a Fan

A few years ago, some young fans of the Naruto series attempted Gara’s deadly ninjutsu called Sand Coffin on a show. One of those kids named Cody Polter was buried in the sand as per the ninjutsu move. Later he was found dead during this act.

Ethical Nature of the Ninja World

As Masashi Kishimoto illustrated a world filled with immense tragedy and despair in the Naruto series, the protagonist and kids his age and younger go through intense training and dangerous missions that raise questions about the ethics and moral values of this ninja world.

The uselessness of Sakura Haruno

Thousands of fans to date complain about the uselessness of Sakura Haruno in the story. As per those angry fans, she did less than nothing in progressing the series compared to the significant amount of time captured by her in the anime episodes/manga chapters.

Awards, Honours, Achievements

  • 16th Spanish Manga Barcelona (2010)
  • Quill Award for its graphic novel (2006)


Naruto lives in a big house equipped with essential facilities and modern furniture.

Naruto House in Boruto



We see in manga and anime, Naruto uses Kunai too often. This weapon has been used to stab, distract, and catch enemies in the series. The efficiency of the attack increases when ninjas throw Kunai with an explosive tag.

Naruto using Kunai


Shuriken, a four-pronged metal star with a hole in the center, is a common weapon used in long-range combat. This ninja tool comes in handy for creating a distraction rather than a direct attack during fights or chases.

Naruto Throwing Shuriken

Explosive Tags

Explosive tags, pieces of paper with the Kanji symbol written on them, are common ninja weapons present in their arsenal. As the name suggests, the purpose of this weapon is to create an explosion. Shinobis can detonate these paper bombs by doing hand signs or by setting them on fire.

Naruto Explosive Tags

Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs produce gases/clouds upon detonation. In the series, shinobis use them to escape or create an ambush, or distract their enemies. In A and S ranks missions or higher, Ninjas usually make use of smoke bombs filled with poisonous gas.

Naruto Smoke Bomb

Makibishi Spikes

Makibishi spikes carried by shinobis are used when they have to lay traps or slow down the enemy’s motion. The enemy is very likely to fall into the trap if it is well set.

Naruto Makibishi Spikes

Powers & Abilities

As the life of Naruto progressed, so did his abilities. There was a time when he was teased in front of his entire class for being unable to do Clone Jutsu. But not now, he is considered one of the strongest shinobi ever lived in the Naruto series. From fighting Zabuza to defeating Gods like Kaguya, he has come a long way. Here is the list of all Jutsu, in acceding power levels, that Naruto knows or has mastered.

Sexy Jutsu

This is the first Jutsu performed by Naruto in the very first episode. Naruto uses this as fun and to tease adults. Though he gets scolded every time for this mischief. And one can also say that Naruto is the first user and inventor of ‘Sexy Jutsu’.

Sexy Jutsu

Reverse Harem Jutsu

Reverse Harem Jutsu is the same as ‘Sexy Jutsu’ but this version is to tease women. However, unlike Sexy Jutsu, Naruto used this Jutsu only once, and that was during the ending episodes. Surprisingly, Naruto was successful in tricking Kaguya ( a God) with this Jutsu. On that, the reactions of every character present there were something like this.

Reverse Harem Jutsu

Transformation Jutsu

Transformation Jutsu is a ninja’s ability to transform into any person. In the series, almost all shinobis can perform this ninjutsu. However, Naruto takes this to another level sometimes. With the nine-tailed beast’s chakra, Naruto can create many transformed clones. This Jutsu has been used in tricking enemies and escaping the enemy ambush throughout the series.

Transformation Jutsu

Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu

Again, fans witnessed this Jutsu in episode/chapter No.1. As mentioned earlier, Naruto messed up while doing Clone Jutsu during the test. However, this time, Naruto not only performed this ninjutsu very well but also mastered it. He created hundreds of them with the help of Nine-Tail Fox’s chakra. And now, it’s easy for Naruto to produce more than thousands of clones.

Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu


Rasengan is the Ninjutsu invented and first performed by the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze (Naruto’s Father). This Jutsu requires a vast amount of chakra which must be focused into dense volume in the palm of the user’s hand. Naruto mastered this Jutsu within three days as challenged by Fifth Hokage, Tsunade Senju. Thus, this Jutsu holds a special place among all Naruto’s ninjutsu.


Summoning Jutsu

A shinobi, in the Naruto series, uses Summoning Jutsu to summon a powerful creature from another world. How powerful a creature can be summoned is directly proportional to the ninja’s strength (chakra). Naruto learned both Summoning Jutsu and Rasengan under the supervision of Jiraya The Legendary Sanin.

Summoning Jutsu

Wind Release: Rasengan

Wind Release: Rasengan is the upgraded version of Rasengan, originally created by Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto combined his chakra style (wind nature) and invented this Jutsu. The more this process sound simple, the more difficult it was for Naruto to do it. This task was so challenging that even Naruto’s father, Lord Fourth, couldn’t make it.

Wind Release Rasengan


Rasenshuriken is a higher form of wind release Rasengan. To make this ball of chakra, a shinobi needs to focus hard and produce intense chakra energy. Even after successfully performing wind release Rasengan, it took Naruto plenty of time to master Rasenshuriken. Kakashi Hatake, the leader of Team 7, helped Naruto learn this technique. The first enemy to get hit by this newly invented Jutsu was Kakuzu. This ball of chakra was so intensified with energy that it killed Kakuzu in the first hit.


Planetary Rasengan

Planetary Rasengan is a giant version of base Rasengan. Three or four middle-sized Rasengan revolves around a large-size Rasengan and thus got the name Planetary Rasengan. This Jutsu can cause huge destruction and has eliminated many enemies. So far only Naruto among all shinobis has been able to perform Planetary Rasengan. Well, it’s not possible even for Naruto if he doesn’t borrow chakra from Kurama.

Planetary Rasengan

Tailed Beast Bomb

After transforming into the tailed beast mode, Naruto can use all of Kurama’s chakra. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, we first witnessed this transformation. Naruto, in that mode, made a giant powerbomb that can destroy mountains. As Kurama is the strongest-tailed beast, his bomb perfectly countered the power bombs thrown by other tailed beasts. This attack consumes a lot of chakras so it can be performed one time and max two times without chakra restoration.

Tailed Beast Bomb

Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken

This is the ultimate attack used by Naruto in the entire series. We saw that Naruto performed this Jutsu in Bijuu mode during his final battle with Sasuke. When the battle was approaching its end, Sasuke was getting ready for his strongest move: Indra’s move. So Naruto came up with Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken to counter his attack. The collision of Naruto’s Tailed Beast Ball Rashenshuriken and Suske’s Indra Arrow caused mass destruction.

Tailed Beast Rashenshuriken


Since childhood, Naruto had a demon fox inside him. That Nine-Tail fox took his parent’s life and even became the primary reason for all the trouble that Naruto had to go through in his youth. However, Naruto won many battles with the help of Kurama’s chakra and has gone through powerful transformations as listed below.

Demon Cloak Form

In the initial episodes, Naruto gets filled with rage whenever someone hurts his friends in front of him. And then, Kurama’s chakra starts to leak. As a result, Naruto’s body gets covered with the demon fox’s chakra.

Partial Transformations

Naruto can keep a human body with up to three tails. But once the four tails appear, things start to get out of hand. In this form, Naruto becomes a demon, not having control of his body. This partial transformation was first witnessed by Jiraya while training Naruto.

Partial Transformation

Toad Sage Mode

Toad sage mode is Naruto’s original transformation, meaning it does not require Kurama’s chakra. He spent a lot of time in the sage world to master this transformation. Other than Naruto, only honorable shinobis like Jiraya and The Sage of the Six Paths had access to sage Jutsu.

Toad Sage Mode

Kurama Chakra Mode

Naruto was successful in friend-shipping with Kurama during The Fourth Great Ninja War. This allowed him to use as much chakra as Kurama had. So he transformed into Kurama Chakra Mode, covering and protecting his body with intense chakra.

Kurama Chakra Mode

Tailed Beast Mode

Tailed Beast mode, also known as Bijju mode, is Naruto’s transformation with Kurama. Though his body doesn’t take the shape of Tailed Beast, instead, Kurama carries him on his body protected by a sold shield. Naruto can even use the tailed beast bomb in this mode.

Tailed Beast Mode

Kurama Sage Mode

Kurama sage mode is an enhanced version of the tailed beast mode. Since all the tailed beasts belong to the sage world, so Kurama added sage energy to its tailed beast mode which resulted in this transformation.

Kurama Sage Mode

Six Paths Sage Mode

Hogoromo: The Sage of the Six Paths gave Naruto his energy so that he can put an end to the war. In Six Paths Sage Mode, Naruto achieved God-level energy. It wouldn’t have been possible for Naruto to defeat Kaguya without this transformation.

Six Paths Sage Mode

Baryon Mode

Baryon mode is Naruto’s strongest transformation. He fought and successfully defeated Isshiki Otsuki in this mode. Naruto has used this transformation only once as Baryon mode required the sacrifice of Kurama. So probably, fans will never see Naruto in Baryon mode as Kurama is no longer alive.

Baryon Mode

Battles & Duels

Almost all fight sequences we see in the Naruto series involve life-risking decisions. Tricky moves & ambushes, deadly ninja techniques & weapons, and power-boosting transformations make all Naruto battles super-interesting. Naruto has fought many shinobis, and some of them even became friends after the battle.

Naruto Vs. Zabuza

When Naruto goes on a C-rank mission in Hidden Mist Village with his Team 7, there he encounters two rog ninjas: Zabuza and Haku. Zabuza Momochi and his companion Haku gave Team 7 a rough time. Naruto used demon fox chakra and Sasuke awakened his Sharingan for the first time in this battle. In the end, Zabuza and Haku were killed (not by Team 7), and Sasuke got injured severely.

Zabuza and Haku

Naruto Vs. Nezi

Naruto battled with Nezi during the Chunin exams. Nezi strongly believed in destiny, and Naruto wanted to prove him wrong. Thus, winning this fight became more than passing the competition for Naruto. Naruto won this fight and showed that even weak shinobis can change their fate by training hard.

Naruto vs Nezi

Naruto Vs. Gaara

Gaara, the son of Sand Village’s Fourth Kazekage, participated with his two siblings Temari and Kankurō in the Chunin exams of Konohagakure. The main purpose of the three sand siblings was to destroy Konoha Village as planned by Orochimaru and the Kazekage. However, Gaara abandoned his mission and allied with Naruto at the end of this arc.

Naruto Vs Gaara

Naruto Vs. Orochimaru

Naruto fought Orochimaru two times in the series. The first time he faced Orochimaru was during the Chunin exams. At that time Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were still young shinobis, so Orochimaru was successful in his mission. However, in the second fight with Orochimaru, Naruto went berserk with Nine Tails’ Chakra and battled Orochimaru as an equal opponent.

Naruto Vs Orochimaru

Naruto Vs. Pain

Five Pains invaded Konohagakure and completely destroyed it. Many shinobis, including Kakashi Hatake, were killed during this invasion. Naruto used Sage Mode which he just learned and eliminated four of five Pains. Later in this fight sequence, Naruto partially transformed into Nine Tails on seeing Hinata severy injured. After defeating Pain, all shinobis thanked Naruto and called him “Hero Of The Village”.

Naruto Vs. Pain

Naruto Vs. Obito

Obito Uchiha, a friend of Kakashi Hatake and a student of Minato Namikaze, declared the Fourth Great Ninja War against all five villages. Naruto went through transformations such as Kurama Chakra mode and Tailed Beast mode to defeat Obito who had achieved divine powers.

Naruto Vs Obito

Naruto Vs. Madara

Madara Uchiha considered the strongest member of the Uchiha Clan was brought back to life during the Fourth Great Ninja War with the help of the Reanimation Jutsu. Naruto transformed into Sage Of The Six Paths and failed Madara in his mission. After losing to Naruto, Madara was killed by Zenitsu, a member of Akatsuki & the creation of Kaguya.

Naruto Vs Madara

Naruto Vs. Kaguya

Kaguya Otsutsuki, the mother of all shinobis, is the cause of all the conflicts taking place in the Naruto series. Defeating her wasn’t easy for Naruto, as she was a Goddess. Naruto inherited some powers from the Sage Of The Six Paths and sealed her in another space-time.

Naruto Vs Kaguya

Naruto Vs. Sasuke (The Final Battle)

The last battle of the Naruto series and probably the most significant one as well. Naruto promised Sakura to bring Sasuke back and Naruto knew he had to fight Sasuke to fulfill his promise. They both were at their strongest form during this battle. In the end, Sasuke admitted his defeat.

Naruto Vs Sasuke


The death of Naruto has not happened yet but is confirmed in Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generation.

Naruto Death


Food: Ramen

Signature Move: Shadow Clone Jutsu

Catchphrase: Dattebayo!


  • The name ‘Naruto’ came from Narutomaki, a topping for ramen with a red or pink design of a spiral shape in the middle. Coincidentally, ramen also happens to be his favorite meal.
  • Naruto had different voice actors for his ‘Sexy Jutsu’ in Japanese, English, and some other languages. Ema Kogure gave voice to ‘Sexy Jutsu’ in Japanese while four women (Stephanie Sheh, Jeannie Elias, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, and Kate Higgins) became voice Naruto’s voice for this part in English.
  • Naruto Uzumaki has been called names such as The No. 1 Unpredictable Ninja, Tailed Beast, Jinchuriki, Hokage, Seventh Hokage, Hero of the Village, Ashura’s Reincarnation, Sage of the Nine-Tails, Member of Team 7, Knucklehead Ninja, Child of Prophecy, The Peace Maker, Hagoromo, Nine Tails Kid, Idiot Boy, Monster Fox, Nine-Tails Brat, Loser, Big Brother Naruto, Lord Seventh, Nine Tails Jinchūriki, and Son of the Fourth Hokage.
  • In an episode of Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generation, Naruto called himself Orange Hokage. According to fan theories, there are two possible reasons for Naruto to give himself this reference. The first possibility is his orange clothes which sound too obvious. Another possibility that fans have come up with is the hair color of Naruto’s parents, red and blonde, becomes orange when mixed together.
  • In the Naruto series, we saw no other shinobi with the title Uzumaki during Naruto’s youth. One can assume there would have been no member of the Uzumaki Clan left. But later in the story, we see Karin Uzumaki and Nagato Uzumaki, decedents of this clan.
  • Masashi Kishimoto had different plans regarding Naruto’s powers. He wanted the main protagonist to struggle to become chief. In this story plot, the protagonist could transform into a demon fox. Unfortunately, Kishimoto had to drop this idea due to some reasons.
  • Masashi Kishimoto revealed in an issue that he wanted Naruto to never get in touch with Minato and Kushina (his parents). But Kishimoto changed his plans after having children and experiencing fatherhood. He started finding all convincing ways to introduce Naruto to his parents.
  • As the Naruto series was coming to its end, the makers of One Piece manga decided to honor Naruto. The manga makers used some popular references to Naruto anime/manga in the 766th chapter of One Piece. Konohagakure’s symbol on Nami’s cloth and Luffy eating ramen were all clear indications. Further, one can notice Naruto hid behind Nami’s body. It seems the manga makers didn’t want to make an open scene, but still, Naruto fans succeeded in decoding these references.

    Naruto and Luffy

    Naruto in One Piece Manga

  • Naruto’s ability to use Truth-Seeking Balls and Hagoromo’s powers are impossible with Yin release (A special nature type). The concept of this Nature type was so important but yet Naruto’s databooks didn’t cover it at that time.
  • It is said in Japan that a person’s traits can be determined by knowing their blood type. And Naruto has blood type B as per the databooks. According to Japanese beliefs, people with this blood group tend to be impatient, selfish, and irresponsible, which was Naruto as a kid.
  • Like almost every Naruto fan, Kishimoto’s wife also believed that Naruto would end up marrying Sakura. Well, it didn’t happen, but Kishimoto developed the personality of adult Hinata Hyuga (Naruto’s wife) based on her wife’s traits.

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