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Misa Amane Death Note

Misa Amane is an upcoming Japanese pop idol, model, singer, murderer, and follower of Kira. She was the main female character in the famous series Death Note created by Takeshi Obata and Tsugmi Ohba.


Misa Amane (弥 海砂, Amane Misa) also known as Misa Misa was born on December 25, 1984, in manga and December 25, 1987, in anime; December 25, 1986 (film series) in Kanto Region, Japan. (19 years pre-time skip; 24 years post-time skip; 19-29 years in film series; 17 years in 2017 film). Her zodiac sign is Capricorn and her blood type is AB. Misa lost her parents during a tragedy and after Kira brought justice to her, she became obsessed with him and changed the course of her life to support him in every way possible even if it meant getting used for his benefit.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 4′ 11”

Weight: 36 kg

Hair Colour: Golden Yellow

Eye Colour: Light Brown (Blue Lens), Red (Shinigami Eyes)

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Misa Amane


Misa has always been a sweet, adorable, cute, and confident girl. From an early age, she started working in the industry to become a famous Japanese pop idol. She had a strong sense of justice and was utterly obsessed with Light and had been in love with him. She was possessive, caring, and loving to everyone close to her and would do anything for her them. Her personality type is ENFP.


Knowledge: 3/10

Creativity: 4/10

Initiative: 10/10

Emotional Strength: 6/10

Social Skills: 10/10

Charm: 10/10


One year before the events of the Death Note series, Misa’s parents were killed during a robbery at her place. The robbers were later caught but justice wasn’t given to Misa and trials kept going for long.

Husband and Children

Misa did not get married throughout the series.

Misa and Light Yagami

Misa and Light Yagami


Misa initially fell in love with Light Yagami only because he was Kira and was responsible for bringing justice to her dead parents. Later she became extremely fond of him and would do anything for him even if it meant being used for his goals. She was only a false girlfriend to him for showing to the world.

Light and Misa

Light holding Misa


Misa was quite religious and would be seen in worshipping stances and she would also wear a rosary. She would worship Kira as the new God but was previously a Catholic believer.

Miss wearing cross necklace

Miss wearing a cross necklace


Misa-Misa was a well-known name in the Kanto region and she was an upcoming Japanese pop idol, model, and singer. She had worked with various people such as Hideki Ryuga, a famous actor during her career before she got caught by L for suspicion of being the second Kira. She was dedicated to spending her life supporting Light Yagami and becomes an important asset in the Kira case by supporting the Task Force and working with L.


Misa made her first appearance in the Manga in Chapter 25: Fool.

Misa first appearance manga

Misa’s first appearance in Manga


Misa was introduced in the Anime in Episode 11: Assault

Misa First appearance anime

Misa’s First Appearance in Anime


Misa also appeared in the films, Death Note (2006), Death Note: The Last Name (2006), L: Change the World (2008), and Death Note: Light Up the New World (2016.)

Misa in Death note film

Misa in Death Note(2006)


She was featured in the Death Note Novel, L: Change the World.

Misa in Death Note Novel

Misa in Death Note Novel

Video Games

Misa Amane was also featured in two video games, namely, Death Note: Kira Game (February 2007) and Death Note: Successor to L (July 2007.)

Misa in Death Note game

Misa in the Death Note game (2007)


Misa is also shown in Death Note: The Musical, a stage adaptation inspired by the Death Note manga series. Frank Wildhorn composed the music, Jack Murphy wrote the lyrics, and Ivan Menchell penned the script. Initially written in English, the musical was translated into Japanese and Korean for their respective productions in 2015.

Misa in Death Note Musical

Misa in Death Note Musical

TV Drama Debut

In 2015, the Death Note TV series was released and Misa was portrayed by actress Hinako Sano.

Hinako Sano as Misa

Hinako Sano as Misa

Other Media

She was also featured in Episode 6 of Full Metal Panic and games like Jump Super Stars (2006) and Jump Ultimate Stars (2007).

Misa in Full Metal Panic

Misa in Full Metal Panic

In the games, she was a playable as well as a supporting character.

Misa in Jump Ultimate Stars 2007

Misa in Jump Ultimate Stars 2007

Portrayed and Voiced By

Misa has been played by various actors over the years in different adaptations of the Death Note series. In the films, she is played by Erika Toda, in the stage show by Fuka Yuzuki, and in the series by Hanako Sano.

Hanako Sano as Misa

Hanako Sano as Misa

Fuka Yuzuki as Misa

Fuka Yuzuki as Misa

Erika Toda as Misa

Erika Toda as Misa

In the Netflix movie of Death Note, the name of Misa Amane was changed to Mia Sutton and was portrayed by Margaret Qualley.

Margaret Qualley as Mia/Misa

Margaret Qualley as Mia/Misa


Aya Hirano (平野綾, Hirano Aya)


Shannon Chan-Kent (anime and film series), Adrienne Warren (2014 Musical Demo Album)


Xianhui Long (龍顯蕙, Lóng Xiǎnhuì)


Man Yi Ching (程文意, Cing4 Man4 Ji3)


Seo-Yeong Kim (김선영, Kim Seong-Yeong)


Hazel Hernan


Rebeca Gómez (Mexico), Núria Trifol (Spain)


Ana Lúcia Menezes


Germana Savo


Charlyne Pestel


Magdelena Turba, Yesim Meisheit (audio drama)


Borbála Csuha


Niki Georgakakou (Νίκη Γεωργακάκου)


Yekaterina Gorokhovskaya

Live Adaptations

In Japanese movies, she is portrayed by Hanako Sano, in the musical by Fuka Yuzuki, in the Death Note Tv series by Erika Toda, and in the Netflix Movie by Margaret Qualley as Mia Sutton.

Weapons and Powers

Gelus/Jealous Death Note

Gelus also known as Jealous was the shinigami who was in love with Misa and died protecting her. His Death Note was passed down to Misa by Rem she used to become the second Kira and get the attention of Kira and kill people.

  • Other Users: Light Yagami
  • Original Owner: Gelus
Gelus Death Note

Gelus Death Note

Shinigami Eyes

Misa made a deal with Rem to exchange half of her lifespan for the Shinigami Eyes which gave her the power to see the real name and remaining life of other humans. She made this deal twice and got her life reduced to half twice.

Misa Shinigami Eyes

Misa Shinigami Eyes


Too Dumb or too smart?

Fans of Misa have been divided into two categories who believe, either she is too dumb or too smart in the series. She makes decisions that are not very smart sometimes, but it is also believed that she might have some alternative motive for the actions.

Death Note among Children in School

Many children in Chinese schools would make Death Notes of their own and use them to write the name of their fellow children and try to predict their deaths. They used to refer to Death Note as a poison that creates wicked hearts and had to be banned in China.

Name alteration in Death Note 2017

The name Misa Amane was changed to Mia Sutton in the Netflix version of Death Note which consisted of an American cast, that has been opposed by various viewers who are dissatisfied with the choices. The original character is more fan-favored as a Japanese idol.

Awards, Honours, Achievements

  • Hong Kong Film Awards (2007)- Best Asian Film
  • Mainichi Film Concours (2007)- Winner of Readers’ Choice Award for Most Popular Film
  • Scream Awards (2007)- Nominee Scream Award for Best Foreign Movie


Food: Strawberry Shortcake

Pokemon: Gothorita

Human: Light

Facts and Trivia

  • In the books, it is said that Misa used to have a sibling who was not included in any of the series.
  • She was also known by other names such as The Second Kira, Backout Queen, Fake Kira, and Mia Sutton (2017 film).
  • During the first appearance of Misa, she was confident to meet Kira and was not afraid of him as she knew he was weaker than her.
  • Misa was the only person in the series who was kind and loving toward Matsuda, a member of the Japanese Police Force.

    Misa and Matsuda

    Misa and Matsuda

  • Major developments were made in other adaptations of Death Note to Misa, who was only considered as fan service in the original story.
  • The name, Misa came from the Japanese word “Kuromisa” which meant “Black Mass”.
  • She was shown as a nice and innocent character but she was cunning and had committed the murder of various innocent people and could kill anyone for the safety of Light.                                                                                                Misa cunning
  • Among all the Death Note characters, the directors of the show claim that she is the hardest character to make in terms of development and nature. Eventually, the writers fell in love with the character and had fun drawing her.
  • When Ryuk met Misa, he started laughing because he could see that she had made the deal for Shinigami’s eyes and would be fated to die soon.
  • After Gelus and Rem had died to save her life, their lifespan was added to that of Misa and she had been given more years to live than eventually she would have.
  • Misa had a major devotion to Kira and was ready to follow him, but after meeting Light and falling in love with him, her devotion was less and the love for Light outweighed it.

    Misa and Light together

    Misa’s obsession with Light

  • The mental conditions Misa had gone through over the years had a major impact on her. She had seen various deaths of people close to her like her parents and Rem, along with physical and mental abuse by L on the basis of suspicion which had damaged her mental health a lot.
  • Misa used to look and act like a child, but she was very talented in her work and was quite intelligent with many hidden talents.
  • The creators of the show wanted Misa to appear as an Energetic Japanese singer with the appearance of a foreign rock musician.
  • In one of the interviews with the directors of Death Note, it was asked if Misa was alive or not and they answered by saying, she died on 14 February 2011 i.e. Valentine’s Day as she killed herself after not being able to cope with Light’s death. Though it has never been actually confirmed, people believe it to be the actual case.
  • Along with other Death Note characters, Misa was made into Nendoroid Figures, which became very popular in many different versions of a cute and comic style.

    Misa as Nendoroid

    Misa as Nendoroid

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