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Kushina Uzumaki Face Pic

Kushina Uzumaki (クシナうずまき kushina Uzumaki) is a Japanese fictional character, a kunoichi of Hidden Village Village, the wife of Fourth Hokage and mother of the protagonist in the Naruto anime/manga created by Masashi Kishimoto.


Kushina Uzumaki, also known by the name Tomato and Red Hot-Blooded Habanero, was born on July 10 (age 24 years) in Uzushiogakure. Her zodiac sign is Cancer and her blood group is B. She gained basic shinobi education from a ninja school in her hometown, Uzushiogakure, but later, she was transferred to Konoha’s ninja academy. In Konoha, she enhanced her ninja skills and steadily progressed through the ranks over time.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 4”

Weight (approx.): 47 kg

Hair Colour: Red

Eye Colour: Violet

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Kushina Full Body Pic


Chakra Nature: Wind & Water Style

Intelligence: 7/10

Physical Strength: 8/10

Emotional Strength: 8/10

Speed: 8/10

Initiative: 9/10

Social Skills: 10/10


As a child, Kushina was known for her strong-willed, impulsive, and stubborn personality, often ending her sentences with “dattebane” when flustered or excited. She was also described as talkative and tomboyish by Jiraiya. Tsunade remarked that Naruto’s personality and ninjutsu style was inherited from her.

Kid Kushina Uzumaki

Kid Kushina getting angry

When Kushina entered adulthood, she had a kind and cheerful personality with a hint of sassiness. Despite being level-headed, she still had a quick temper and would lash out violently if provoked, a trait she carried from her childhood. Kushina had a deep love for her family and was willing to sacrifice her life to stop the Nine-Tails, taking the beast’s fatal attack meant for her son. Despite her fear for Naruto’s future as an orphaned jinchuriki, she made sure to shower him with love and lessons in her final moments. Kushina also cared for Minato’s students, finding Rin Nohara adorable and often showing affection by hugging and kissing her on the forehead. She also had a friendly relationship with Obito Uchiha, who was her favorite among Minato’s students according to him.

A picture of Kushina Uzumaki in confusion

A picture of Kushina Uzumaki in confusion


Kushina belonged to Uzumaki Clan which originated in Uzushiogakure.

Parents & Siblings

The specific details, such as names and the background, of Kushina’s parents are not provided in the series. It is presumed that her parents were killed during ongoing wars in their village. Also, there’s no mention of her siblings in the anime/manga.

Husband & Children

Minato Namikaze, the fourth Hokage of Konoha and famed by the name “Yellow Flash”, was the husband of Kushina.

Minato and Kushina

Kushina gave birth to Naruto Uzumaki who later became the seventh Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village.

Kushina and Naruto


Minato Uzumaki

Kushina and Minato first met in Konoha’s ninja academy, where Kushina expressed her ambition to become the first female Hokage. Although most students ridiculed her dream, Minato was impressed by her determination. When some boys bullied Kushina for her red hair and for being an outsider, Minato watched from afar, believing in her strength. He later saved Kushina from being kidnapped by Hidden Cloud ninjas. As they continued to work together on missions, they grew closer and eventually fell in love. The two got married at some point, after which they both became respected Jonin in Konoha.

Kid Kushina and Minato smiling

Kid Kushina and Minato smiling

Mikoto Uchiha

Mikoto Uchiha, the mother of Sasuke Uchiha and the wife of Fugaku Uchiha, was a friend of Kushina. In one instance in the anime/manga we see Kushina meeting Mikoto who recently became the mother of Sasuke. At that time, Kushina was in labor and so she asked Mikoto about the pain, showcasing a humorous side of Kushina. Kushina told little Sasuke to be a good friend of her future son, Naruto.

A picture of Kushina talking to Sasuke'mother

A picture of Kushina talking to Sasuke’mother


Kushina shared a close bond with Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sannin. Jiraiya served as a mentor to Kushina and her husband Minato.

Kushina and Minato in a conversation with Jiraiya

Kushina and Minato in a conversation with Jiraiya


Kushina had a close relationship with his students and had a special fondness for Rin Nohara. She treated Rin as if she were her younger sister.

Kushina adores Rin

Kushina adores Rin



Kushina made her first appearance in Naruto anime in episode 128 of Naruto Shippuden.

Kushina's first appearance in anime


The manga debut of Kushina happened with the Naruto manga’s chapter 382.

Kushina's first appearance in manga


Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Road To Ninja was released on July 28, 2012, and it features Naruto and other characters including Kusina. In this movie, Naruto and Sakura are trapped in Obito’s Infinite Tsukuyomi, where they encounter a world where Naruto’s parents, Minato and Kushina, are still alive. In this illusionary world, Kushina and Minato exhibit slightly different personality traits, which Naruto ultimately begins to dislike.

Kushina in Naruto Movie Road To Ninja

Video Games

Naruto Shippuden Ulitmate Ninja Storm 3 (2013)

Kushina in Ninja Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Naruto Shippuden Ulitmate Ninja Storm Revolution (2014)

Kushina in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

Naruto Shippuden Ulitmate Ninja Storm 4 (2016)

Kushina in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4


Kushina can be seen in some cutscenes of Naruto Shippuden: UNSG.

Kushina in an OVA of UNSG

Kushina in an OVA of UNSG

Voiced By

Emi Shinohara, a Japanese voice actor, voiced Kushina in Naruto Shippuden. Laura Bailey and Dorothy Elias-Fahn dubbed the English version.

Spanish: Cristina Hernández

French: Julie Basecqz, Alexandra Correa, Prunelle Rulens

Italian: Renata Bertolas

German: Antje Otterson

Portuguese (BR): Rebeca Zadra


As a skilled Jonin-class ninja, Kushina likely possessed a variety of common ninja weapons such as kunai, shuriken, and explosive tags in her arsenal. Although we haven’t seen her use these weapons in action much, it’s reasonable to assume that she would have utilized them in battles against her enemies.

Kushina with weapon

Kushina Uzumaki with a kunai and explosive tag

Powers & Abilities

Kushina was a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner of fūinjutsu, and she even taught some of her techniques to Minato. She inherited her clan’s sealing techniques having the potential to seal a tailed beast. Using her chakra, she had the ability to create Adamantine Sealing Chains that were powerful enough to restrain and subdue the Nine-Tails. In addition, she could create a barrier using these chains, preventing even the Third Hokage from entering. Kushina was proficient in three different nature transformations – Wind, Water, and Yin Release.

Kushina in action

Kushina unleashed her powers


Kushina’s body was weakened after giving birth to Naruto, which was the moment Obito, a student of Minato and one of the antagonists, had been waiting for. Obito kidnapped Kushina and extracted the Nine-Tails from her, unleashing it on Konoha. Minato, being her husband and the village’s Hokage, fought Obito and captured the tailed beast, but Kushina had already suffered severe injuries. She and Minato both sacrificed their lives to protect their newborn son from Kurama’s fatal attack and thus, Kushina died on October 10th, the same day Naruto was born. The limited time Kushina had with her newborn son and the tragic circumstances of Naruto’s birth left an emotional impact on readers and viewers.

Kushina and Minato protecting Naruto

Kushina and Minato protecting Naruto


Catchphrase: Dattebane

Hobby: Cooking, Chatting, and Pulling Pranks

Food: Salt Ramen


  • Upon being brought to the Hidden Leaf village, Kushina had to face the challenges of being an immigrant, including the difficulty in finding friends. Some students even bullied her for being an outsider.

    Kushina being bullied by her classmates

    Kushina being bullied by her classmates

  • Members of the Uzumaki clan possessed a unique type of chakra that made them particularly skilled in sealing techniques, including the ability to seal even the most powerful entities with ease. Due to this, they were entrusted with the task of containing the tailed beasts. Among the Uzumaki clan, Kushina had an exceptional chakra that made her the ideal candidate to become the next jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails, following Mito Uzumaki.
  • During Minato and Kushina’s time in the academy, the Hokage was Lord Hiruzen, and there had never been a female Hokage in the village. Kushina aspired to become the first female Hokage.

    Kushina showing her aspiration of Hokage

    Kushina showing her aspiration for Hokage

  • Kushina’s favorite phrase was “don’t give up until the very end,” which is similar to Naruto’s catchphrase of “never giving up” or “never going back on his word.”
  • Kushina would conclude her sentences with ‘dattebane’ which has no intrinsic meaning but serves as a colloquial expression similar to ‘you know’ in Japanese.
  • Kushina was a skilled cook, and it is mentioned in the databook that Minato’s favorite food was the one cooked by her. It is unclear whether Minato loved her cooking because of her skill or his affection for her.
  • Normally, when a Tailed Beast is extracted, the Jinchuriki dies as a result. This is considered to be an unavoidable consequence. However, there have been a few rare cases where the Jinchuriki managed to survive the extraction. While other Jinchuriki survived due to various reasons, Kushina’s survival was attributed to her exceptional vitality.

    Kushina was still alive after the extraction

    Kushina was still alive after the extraction

  • Kushina’s name may have been influenced by the mythological figure Kushinada-hime, who was the wife of Susanoo. Additionally, her husband’s surname, Namikaze, which means “waves and wind,” could also be connected to the myth since Susanoo was associated with the sea and storms.
  • Kushina was given the nickname of red pepper, while Minato was known as the “Yellow Flash.” Naruto’s self-proclaimed title of the “Orange Hokage” is fitting because the color orange is a combination of red and yellow, symbolizing his connection to both of his parents’ nicknames.
  • On the cover of chapter 503, Kushina’s hairstyle is depicted in a way that resembles the tails of Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox.

    Kushina's hair colour depicts Nine-Tails

    Kushina’s hair depicts Nine-Tails

  • Kushina mentions that her hair became her personal “red thread of fate.” The concept of the red string of fate, originating from Chinese and Japanese legends, symbolizes a belief that the gods tie an invisible red string around the ankles of individuals who are destined to be soulmates and eventually marry each other.
  • Fans ranked Kushina as the 21st most popular character in the Naruto character popularity polls.
  • In the initial anime appearance, Kushina’s eyes were shown as violet-blue, and her hair had a deep plum color. However, these details were later corrected in subsequent episodes. Interestingly, in Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, both her initial and subsequent appearances were depicted in separate stories featuring Naruto and Minato, respectively.
  • Kushina and Minato chose the name Naruto for their son from a novel written by Jiraiya. In Jiraiya’s first novel, the story revolved around a determined ninja who never gave up. Interestingly, Jiraiya came up with the name Naruto while enjoying a bowl of ramen and being inspired by a vegetable.
  • Kushina and his husband chose the name Naruto from Jiraiya's book

    Kushina and his husband chooses the name Naruto from Jiraiya’s book

  • The shinobi outfit that Kushina wore in the anime is identical to the one her counterpart wore in the Genjutsu World.

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