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Rorona Zoro (ロロノア・ゾロ) is a Japanese character who is a Former Pirate hunter, Swordsman, and the Vice Captain of the StrawHat crew in the anime One Piece, created by the editor and author/mangaka Eiichiro Oda, and the anime was adapted by Toei Animation.


Roronoa Zoro, also known as Roronoa Zolo, Marimo, Pirate Hunter, Ashura Demon, and King of Hell was born on November 11, in East Blue (age 19 years pre-time skip; 21 years, post-time skip). His blood type is XF. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. When he was 8 years old, he lost both his parents and started training in Shimotsuki Village to become the strongest swordsman. He left on a journey and met Monkey D Luffy who became his captain and they set sail together.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’11″ ft

Weight: 85 kg

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Green

Built: Muscular

Scars: Closed right eye, Chest scar

Zoro Physical traits


Zoro was a stubborn and determined child who just wished to get stronger by whatever means necessary. He focused on his training and kept working hard in order to become the strongest swordsman. He used to enjoy every moment and relax from time to time sleeping and joking with Luffy. After losing to his rival, Dracule Mihawk, he lost his smile and became more and more serious about everything. He gets angry when he finds injustice and fights to make everything right. He loves to take time off and enjoy some Sake and good food. His Mbti personality type is ISTP, people with such a personality are not social, but more patient, kind, and tolerant but can get furious when provoked.

Statistics and Skills

IQ: 6/10

Knowledge: 5/10

Fighting Skills: 9/10

Leadership Quality: 7/10

Personality: 8/10

Durability: 10/10

Speed: 8/10

Bounty: 1.1 Billion berries (Post Wano Arc)

Teamwork: 7/10


In SBS of volume #105 of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda (author) confirmed that Zoro was a descendant of the Shimotsuki Clan From Wano.

Parents and Siblings

Roronoa Arashi (meaning Storm) is the figure who is said to be the father of Zoro and a great warrior of Wano. Zoro has no knowledge of his parents and what happened to them.

Zoro and his father

Arashi and Zoro

Zoro’s mother was the daughter of the thriving bandits and was named Therra (meaning Earth). After having Zoro, no one knows what happened to her before she got ill and died.

Zoro mom and family tree

Zoro’s family tree

Wife and Children

Zoro is unmarried and has no family of his own.


Zoro shared some romantic moments with one of his crewmates, Nico Robin. It hasn’t been official yet that Zoro and Robin are dating.

Zoro and Robin

Zoro and Robin


Zoro met Luffy at Shell Island where he was captured for saving a girl. Luffy came to his rescue and asked him to join his crew and help him become the King of the Pirates, to which Zoro agreed and they fought the battle to begin the journey. Zoro has blind faith that Luffy will fulfill his dream and he would do anything to support him. Zoro almost died to save Luffy a few times and proved his loyalty.

Luffy and Zoro

Zoro and Luffy

Sanji is the cook of the Straw Hat Crew, a member of the Demon Trio along with Luffy and Zoro. Sanji and Zoro have different opinions about everything and keep fighting each other every time. They form a very strong alliance, but they never stop fighting each other. They depend on each other for various strategies and skill attacks. Together they both form the Right and Left hand of the Future Pirate King.

Sanji and Zoro

Zoro fighting Sanji

Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hat Crew. He adores Zoro and considers him like a big brother. Zoro has saved Chopper many times since he has been onboarded. Chopper has helped Zoro survive by providing him with all sorts of medical treatment and near-death treatments.

Chopper and Zoro

Chopper on Zoro’s shoulder

Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat Crew. She met Zoro after he joined Luffy on his ship. Nami cares for Zoro and occasionally beats him for being stupid or losing direction. He owes Nami huge sums of money due to her heavy interest rates and greediness.

Nami and Zoro

Nami and Zoro


Zoro doesn’t believe in any religion but his origin is Japanese, so could have a belief in Shinto. He uses his attack called Demon Style “Ashura” which is a reference to Buddhism God.

Zoro Asura GIF - Zoro Asura 9Sword Style - Discover & Share GIFs

Zoro Ashura Form


Zoro used to live in Shimotsuki Village, East Blue when he was 8 years old. Later he moved on for training and became a Pirate Hunter and kept moving around the seas of East Blue. Ever since he met Luffy, he stays with him traveling from island to island on the Thousand Sunny.

Zoro on thousand sunny

Zoro sleeping on the Going Merry Ship


Since the young age of 8, Zoro has been determined to become the strongest swordsman in the world, for which he mastered many from of Swordfighting. He started as a Pirate Hunter, earned fame, and later ended up becoming the first crewmate of Luffy in the Strawhat Pirates. He faced Mihawk in a battle and ended up losing to him, but got more determined to complete his dream. He fought and defeated many foes, got a hellish 2-year training under Mihawk, and mastered the use of Haki. Zoro surpassed his limit while fighting the Beast Pirates, Kaido, and King and eventually facing the Grim Reaper to unlock the powers to become the “King Of  Hell”.

Zoro training

Zoro fighting Dracule Mihawk


The One Piece manga was written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda as his first big manga series. One Piece has been serialized by Shueisha in the shonen jump manga collection, Weekly Shonen Jump on July 22, 1997. Zoro first appeared in the manga One Piece, Chapter 3: Enter Zoro: “Pirate Hunter”. Since then he has been voted as a top-rated character in One Piece manga.

Zoro in Manga

Different panels of Zoro in Manga


One Piece (ワンピース Wan Pisu) is an animated series based on the manga One Piece by Eiichiro Oda, produced by Toei Animation and had its first broadcast by Fuji Television on 20 October 1999. In the animation, the name of Zoro has been changed to Zolo where he had his first appearance in episode 3.

Zoro in Anime

Zoro in Anime before and after.


The first One Piece movie was launched on March 4, 2004, and was produced by Toei Animation. To date, One Piece has 15 Movies in total with “Film Red” being the latest in addition. The movie 6 “Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island” was an experimental movie with the first time having a CGI version of the anime. Zoro was given his own personal character development movie named One Piece: The Cursed Holy Sword in 2004.

List of all One Piece movies:

  • One Piece: The Movie (2000)
  • One Piece: Clockwork Island Adventure (2001)
  • One Piece: Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals (2002)
  • One Piece: Dead End Adventure (2003)
  • The Cursed Holy Sword (2004)
  • One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (2005)
  • One Piece: The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle (2006)
  • One Piece – Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates (2007)
  • One Piece – Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura (2008)
  • One Piece Film: Strong World (2009)
  • One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase (2011)
  • One Piece Film: Z (2012)
  • One Piece Film: Gold (2016)
  • One Piece: Stampede (2019)

    Zoro in One piece stampede

    Zoro in One Piece Movie: Stampede

  • One Piece Film: Red (2022)
Zoro in one piece film red

Zoro in One Piece: Film Red

Video Games

The first One Piece game was released in Japan on the console of WonderSwan in 2000 July- Become the Pirate King! (めざせ海賊王! Mezase Kaizoku-Ō!) – Bandai. Over the years, multiple games have been released on various platforms such as Gameboy, Nintendo, Play Station, Mobile Phones, etc. Various games featuring One Piece characters have been around such as J-Stars 2014, and Jump Force 2019 which make huge collaborations with other game producers and character developers to build games for old-generation fans and anime lovers.

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors
  • One Piece: World Seeker
  • One Piece: Unlimited Adventure
  • One Piece: Burning Blood
  • One Piece: Grand Battle
  • One Piece: Grand Adventure
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2
  • One Piece Treasure Cruise
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4
  • One Piece Odyssey

    Zoro in One Piece Odyssey

    Zoro in One Piece Odyssey


Live Shows and Performances

One Piece shows have been a great tourist attraction and were taking place in the One Piece Tower in Tokyo, Japan since 2015 and lasted till 2020 when the Tower was closed. The show involves various actors in cosplay to perform various scenes from the One Piece show. The live shows are listed as follows:

  • One Piece Live Attraction: Welcome to Tongari Mystery Tour – March 13, 2015, to April 10, 2016
  • One Piece Live Attraction 2 – April 23, 2016, to April 9, 2017
  • One Piece Live Attraction: Phantom – April 29, 2017, to April 7, 2019
  • One Piece Live Attraction: Marionette – April 24, 2019, to July 31, 2020


TV Drama/Web Series

One Piece TV Series will be released on Netflix in 2023. The actor portraying Zoro will be Mackenyu Arata, developed by Matt Owens and Steven Maeda. The series is produced by Tomorrow Studios and Shueisha.

Zoro actor on Netflix

Mackenyu Arata as Zoro

Portrayed and Voice By

Japanese Voice Actor

Kazuya Nakai (中井 和哉), Megumi Uwara (Young Zoro)

English Voice Actor

Christopher Sobat,Marc Diraison, Brian Zimmerman, Braina Palencia (Young Zoro).

In the upcoming Netflix Live Series of One Piece, Zoro will be portrayed by Mackenyu Arata.

Spanish Voice Actor

Dafnis Fernandez, Marc Zanni

German Voice Actor

Philipp Brammer

Portuguese Voice Actor

Marcelo Campos

Italian Voice Actor

Patrizio Prata

French Voice Actor

Tony Beck

Korean Voice Actor

Kim Seung Jun

Filipino Voice Actor

Vincent Gutierrez

Hebrew Voice Actor

Yoram Yosephsberg


Weapons and Powers

Zoro is a skilled swordsman and uses his special technique of the Three-Sword Style. He also uses a high level of Haki Powers and Demon skill techniques.

Zoro Swords

Zoro uses three swords

Wado Ichimonji

Zoro got his first real sword when he was 8 and his rival, Kuina died. It has been a strong weapon that has been with him since the beginning and holds dear to his heart. It was crafted by the famous Shimotsuki Kozaburo who graded it as the 21 Graded Swords.

Sandai Kitetsu

Kitetsu III is classified as a grade blade that is said to be a cursed blade and gets its owner killed in different ways. Zoro saw this sword and was instantly drawn to it and tested his luck with the blade.


Enma is one of the strongest blades in the One Piece world, with the ability and will to draw forth the power of its owner. It was previously owned by Kozuki Oden, a samurai of Wano who it passed down to his daughter Hiyori, who gave it to Zoro in exchange for Shusui (the previous blade of Ryuma).

Haki Abilities

Zoro trained under Hawkeye Mihawk, in order to get stronger and learned the forms of Haki from him. In the fights of Wano, Zoro used the ability of Conqueres Haki without knowledge and later was confirmed that he possessed it since the beginning. He uses his abilities to infuse within his swords to make his attacks stronger and cut through anything.

Zoro using haki

Zoro using Enma

Nine- Sword Style: Ashura

Zoro uses this form as his last resort to draw out the powers of a demon using 3 heads, 9 arms, and 9 swords all at once. Zoro wears a bandana to show his determination and draws the power of Ashura to attack his foes.

Zoro using 9 swords

Zoro 9 sword-style art


Zoro was biased about Usopp

Zoro did not let Usopp join the crew during the quarrel at Enies Lobby until he apologized to everyone and had to bow down to feel sorry and earn his place back in the crew.

No hesitation in slicing women

Many times during storylines and movies, Zoro was unaffected by the women he faced and was ready to slice them down if needed and even did that whenever possible.

Zoro slices up Monet

Zoro slices up Monet

Almost killing a Celestial Dragon

On the Sabaody while Zoro lost his way, he came across one of the World Noble and when he tried to shoot Zoro, that was the moment Zoro attacked him without knowing the consequence of his actions.

Zoro almost kills Celestial Dragon

Zoro almost kills Celestial Dragon


  • Food: Rice, Sea King Meat
  • Drink: Sake
  • Sword: Wado Ichimoji
  • Hobby: Training
  • Color: Green
  • Smell: Steel

Facts and Trivia

  • The name “Roronoa” comes from a French pirate named François l’Olonnais of the 17th Century.
  • For the Kumamoto Revival Project, a statue of Zoro was revealed on January 22, 2022, in Ōzu.

    Zoro bronze statue

    Zoro bronze statue

  • The Simpsons featured a reference to Zoro in the show where the major character was wearing a costume just identical to Zoro from One Piece.

    Zoro in simpsons

    A reference to Zoro in The Simpsons

  • Another famous Anime show “Inuyashiki” had a call out to Zoro being a favorite character.

    Zoro reference Inuyashiki

    Zoro reference Inuyashiki

  • Along with a few StrawHats like Luffy and Brook, Zoro also baths once a week and smells of sweat and steel.
  • According to an SBS by Oda, Zoro has a personality of a shark and he matches the traits of being a shark.
  • Zoro has been shown related to Kuina her father, Shimotsuki Koushirou in the latest SBS of One Piece and they are his cousin and uncle respectively.

    Zoro and Kuina

    Zoro and Kuina (cousin)

  • Throughout the journey to date, Zoro had over 5 different swords which he replaced over a period of time except for Wado Ichimonji which is a memory of his childhood friend Kuina.
  • The character design of Zoro was originally inspired by the Marvel Comics character, Wolverine.
  • Zoro is the only Straw Hat Pirate who met both of Luffy’s brothers Ace and Sabo.
  • Before getting Enma, Zoro wielded the legendary sword named Shusui which belonged to Ryuma and was later revealed to be the ancestor of Zoro.

    Zoro and Shusui

    Zoro and Shusui

  • Sanji and Zoro keep fighting throughout the series and never show respect to each other but they both can make a great duo together. Zoro has never referred to Sanji by his real name and always calls him “Stupid Cook”.
    Zoro and Sanji | One piece gif, One piece anime, One piece manga
  • In the series, we can see that Zoro has zero sense of direction and keeps getting lost without supervision.

    Zoro getting lost

    Zoro getting lost

  • Zoro had been the most fan favorite for a decade but is currently in the second position.

    Zoro popularity

    Zoro popularity

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