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Rengoku Kyojuro

Rengoku Kyujuro (煉れん獄ごく 杏きょう寿じゅ郎ろう) was a Japanese fictional character, a Demon Slayer, and the Flame Hashira from the popular manga and anime series Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) created by Koyoharu Gotouge.


Rengoku Kyojuro, simply known as Rengoku was born on 10 May (age 20 years) in Komazawa Village, Ebara County, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan. His Zodiac sign is Tauras, and his blood type is O Negative. He was born into a family of Demon Slayers, and he inherited his father’s Flame Breathing technique. He was a skilled swordsman and a natural leader, and he quickly rose through the ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps and was eventually promoted to Hashira. He was a kind and compassionate person, and he always put others before himself. He was a true hero, and he died fighting to protect the innocent.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 72 kg

Hair Color: Golden and Red mix

Eyes Color: Golden with Red Irises

Built: Lean

Regoku full body



The Rengoku family is a clan of demon slayers in the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba universe. They are known for their mastery of Flame Breathing and have produced several Hashira, the highest-ranking members of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Parents and Siblings

Kyojuro Rengoku’s father’s name is Shinjuro Rengoku, and he served as the Flame Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps and later took retirement to raise a family. He took a dark path after losing his wife and started mistreating his sons and became an alcoholic. He initially mocked his son’s death but later felt bad for losing him and burst into tears.

Shinjuro crying on his son's death

Shinjuro crying on his son’s death

Ruka Rengoku is the mother of Kyojuro Rengoku, who loved him a lot and taught him how to be a better man. She was a talented healer and was killed by a demon when both her kids were young.

Rengoku's mother, Ruka

Rengoku’s mother, Ruka

Kyojuro’s younger brother, Senjuro, was a kind and gentle soul. He was not as skilled as Kyojuro, but he was always supportive of his older brother. Kyojuro was always there to encourage Senjuro and to help him to grow stronger. His family was very important to him, and they were the reason why he became a Demon Slayer. He loved them very much, and he would do anything for them.

Rengoku teaching his brother, Senjuro

Rengoku teaching his brother, Senjuro

Wife and Children

Rengoku wanted to start his own family but during his battle with Upper Moon Demon, he lost his life at the young age of 20 and couldn’t get the chance to start his own family.

Love Interest- Girlfriend

Kyojuro Rengoku never had a love interest in the series. He was a very focused and dedicated Demon Slayer, and his primary focus was on his mission to protect the innocent and defeat demons. However, he was close friends with Mitsuri Kanroji, the Love Hashira. They met when she was a young Demon Slayer, and he mentored her and trained her in the ways of the Demon Slayer Corps. They had a lot of respect for each other, and they were always there for each other when they needed it. However, their relationship was purely platonic.

Rengoku and Mitsuri

Rengoku and Mitsuri


Rengoku’s family background was rooted in Demon Slayers, with his father Shinjuro Rengoku being the former Flame Hashira and his mother Ruka Rengoku being a skilled healer. Displaying natural talent, Rengoku swiftly honed his swordsmanship skills at a young age. Moreover, he possessed a kind and empathetic nature, always driven to aid those in need. Tragedy struck when Rengoku was 13 years old, as his mother fell victim to a demon’s attack. This profound loss further solidified his determination to become a Demon Slayer and safeguard innocent people. Devoting himself to intense training over the following years, Rengoku eventually secured a place within the prestigious ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps as The Flame Hashira.

Rengoku joins the Hashira Ranks

Rengoku joins the Hashira Ranks

Inspired By

Rengoku’s personality and appearance are heavily inspired by the Japanese samurai. He is a skilled swordsman, a powerful combatant, and a kind and compassionate individual. He is also known for his signature flame-red hair, which is a common trait among samurai. Rengoku’s name is also inspired by the Chinese fire god, Zhurong. Zhurong is a god of war and fire, and he is often depicted as a young man with flame-red hair and a fiery aura.

Chinese fire god, Zhurong

Chinese fire god, Zhurong


Koyoharu Gotouge created the character of Rengoku for the series “Demon Slayer.” They personally developed the storyline of Rengoku in manga and anime. Rengoku’s prominent arc was adapted into a feature film, which premiered in cinemas and further contributed to his popularity and success as a character.

Creator of Demon Slayer

Creator of Demon Slayer

The majority of the characters such as Rengoku Kyojuro, are said to be based on real-life individuals, and the series does have a real-life model. Usually, they’re regular folks that the author just so happens to know.


Rengoku undergoes significant development throughout the series. Initially introduced as the Flame Hashira, he is portrayed as a skilled and dedicated warrior with a strong sense of justice. Rengoku’s unwavering resolve and compassionate nature make him an admired figure among his fellow Demon Slayers. During the Mugen Train arc, his character is explored in-depth, revealing his backstory, motivations, and personal struggles.

Kyojuro teaching his brother while forming a close bond

Kyojuro teaches his brother while forming a close bond

As the story progresses, Rengoku’s determination to protect the innocent and his commitment to his duty is showcased, as he embodies the ideals of selflessness and heroism, putting his life on the line to vanquish demons and safeguard humanity. Rengoku’s development throughout the series showcases his growth as a character, emphasizing his strong moral compass, unwavering dedication, and the profound impact he leaves on those who encountered him.

Rengoku's development


Rengoku, the Flame Pillar, awaited the arrival of Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke on the Mugen (Infinity) train. As soon as they met, he extended a remarkable offer to Tanjiro, to become his student and learn the precious knowledge of the Flame Breath technique. He recognized Tanjiro’s potential and saw in him the ability to carry on his legacy. However, their conversation was abruptly interrupted when Rengoku sensed the presence of a looming danger. He warned his newfound companions that a powerful demon was about to appear on the train, urging them to remain vigilant. Despite their efforts to stay alert, the swordsmen fell victim to Enmu’s insidious demon technique, succumbing to a deep slumber.

Rengoku makes Tanjiro and other his disciples

Rengoku makes Tanjiro and other his disciples

In this involuntary state of sleep, Rengoku experienced a vivid dream, where he found himself in the presence of his father and brother. Their presence provided solace and reminded him of the weight of his responsibility as a pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. But the influence of Enmu’s subordinate reached the core of Rengoku’s soul, attempting to subdue his will. Yet, fueled by his unwavering resolve and honed reflexes, Rengoku fought back against the encroaching technology. He regained control over his own mind, breaking free from the grasp of the demon’s manipulation, and with the help of others, he was able to save people on the train and defeat the Lower Moon Demon’s subordinates and his blood demon art inside the train.

Rengoku defeats demons on mugen train

Rengoku defeats demons on Mugen train

After the defeat of Enmu, Rengoku faced Akaza, an Upper Moon Demon, who had a great battle with him. Exhausted from the fights earlier, Rengoku managed to use his maximum strength to fight the demon but sadly lost the fight, after losing his life at the hands of Akaza. His great sacrifice inspired the next generation of Demon Slayers and gave them hope for a better future.

Rengoku fights against Akaza

Rengoku fights against Akaza


Rengoku vs. Akaza: Rengoku’s fight against Akaza is one of the most iconic fights in Demon Slayer. Akaza is an Upper-Rank demon, which means he is one of the strongest demons in the world. Rengoku is able to hold his own against Akaza for a while, but he is eventually overwhelmed. Rengoku dies in the fight, but he does so heroically, protecting the passengers on the Mugen Train.

Rengoku vs Akaza

Rengoku vs Akaza

Rengoku vs Hairo: Rengoku was able to fight and defeat a Lower Moon rank Demon, Hairo who used various weapons and his Blood Demon Art of creating shadow wolves. Along with the help of Mitsuri, Rengoku defeated the Demon by severing off his head and earned the title of Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps. This fight took place in Tokyo, Japan, and Rengoku was able to save the city and its people from explosives.

Rengoku vs Hairo

Rengoku vs Hairo

Popular Fights

The battle between Rengoku and Akaza showcases the clash between the Flame Hashira and one of the Twelve Kizuki demons. Rengoku’s unwavering resolve and Flame Breath technique are pitted against Akaza’s incredible strength, offering him to become a demon in order to be strong enough to defeat him. In a fierce struggle, Rengoku fights valiantly to protect the others but ultimately makes a great sacrifice. His bravery and selflessness in the face of overwhelming odds leave a lasting impact on his comrades and viewers alike.

Rengoku Vs Akaza, Demon Slayer

Rengoku Vs Akaza, Demon Slayer


With the power of Flame Breathing and strong willpower, Rengoku was able to fight against the girl trying to destroy his life spirit from the inside, despite being unconscious. He was also able to defeat the Demons inside the train, along with the extended parts of Enmu, when he merged with the train itself.

Rengoku's spirit

Rengoku’s spirit

He was able to defeat Lower Rank Two, Hairo, and the Flute Demon, and took revenge for 9 of the Demon Slayers who lost their lives during the events.

Rengoku defeats Hairo

Rengoku defeats Hairo


Despite a very strong fight, Rengoku lost against the Upper Moon Demon, Akaza. He used his strongest techniques in order to defeat Akaza, but still ended up losing to him. His heroic death ended up with Akaza being highly wounded, and running away from the face due to sunrise. Rengoku couldn’t keep his promise to survive and train his newfound disciples, which was also a failure for him as a teacher.

Rengoku failed to defeat Akaza

Rengoku failed to defeat Akaza


Akaza, also known as Upper Moon Three, is one of the Twelve Kizuki demons and a powerful opponent with immense strength and speed. Their battle is a central conflict in the series.

Upper Moon Demon 3, Akaza

Upper Moon Demon 3, Akaza

Enmu is a lower-ranking demon who possesses the ability to manipulate dreams. Rengoku faces Enmu’s manipulation on the train and engages in a fight against the demon and his minions.

Enmu, Lower Rank Demon

Enmu, Lower Rank Demon

During the Mugen Train arc, Rengoku confronts multiple demons aboard the Infinity Train, each with their own unique abilities and strengths.


Tanjiro is recognized by Rengoku due to his high potential and offered to make him his successor, forging a bond of respect and admiration between them. They were able to fight against various demons on the Mugen Train together. Tanjiro is determined to avenge Rengoku’s death and carries a part of his sword, which he uses to keep the memory alive. Rengoku believed that Tanjiro is the one who will carry his will and become his successor eventually.

Tanjiro and Rengoku

Tanjiro and Rengoku

Zenitsu becomes friends with Rengoku during the adventures of the Mugen Train Arc. Despite their initial clash, Rengoku acknowledged Zenitsu’s courage and abilities and accepted him as his student.

Inosuke initially challenges Rengoku, however, they develop a mutual respect for each other’s strength and determination and form a relationship of teacher and student. Inosuke didn’t show much of his emotions, but he cried a lot after Rengoku’s noble sacrifice.

Rengoku with Inosuke and Zenitsu

Rengoku with Inosuke and Zenitsu

Kyojuro and Tengen formed a strong bond from their initial encounter, and Tengen was drawn to the unique color of Kyojuro’s hair. The tragic loss of the Flame Pillar deeply saddened Tengen. In the midst of his battle against Gyutaro, Tengen carried Kyojuro’s memory in his heart, inspiring him to push his own limits and strive to reach the same level of strength and dedication. The presence of Kyojuro’s spirit served as a motivating force for Tengen to continue fighting and honor the legacy of his fallen comrade.

Tengen thinking about Rengoku during his fight

Tengen thinking about Rengoku during his fight

Upon Mitsuri joining the Demon Slayer Corps, Rengoku took on the role of her mentor, and under his guidance, Mitsuri discovered her unique breathing technique, the Love Breathing. The devastating news of Kyojuro’s death deeply saddened Mitsuri, and she mourned his loss and frequently visited his grave to pay her respects. The bond they shared, as well as the impact he had on her life and training, left a lasting impression on Mitsuri, and she cherished his memory even after his passing.

Rengoku and Mitsuri sitting together

Rengoku and Mitsuri sitting together


Kyojuro Rengoku was one of the most beloved characters in Demon Slayer, as everyone from Demon Slayer Corps loved and respected him as a fighter and as a human. Kyojuro Rengoku’s MBTI personality type is ESFJ, representing an energetic and purposeful individual who possesses a sociable and caring nature. While not necessarily seeking an extensive social circle, Kyojuro is deeply invested in the well-being of others. He exhibits a strong sense of responsibility and takes action primarily for the sake of those around him, making him a compassionate and selfless individual.

IQ: 9/10

Knowledge: 9/10

Fighting Skills: 7/10

Leadership Quality: 10/10

Personality: 8/10

Durability: 7/10

Speed: 9/10


Kyojuro’s attire within the Demon Slayer Corps underwent some changes as he progressed in rank and became known as the Flame Hashira. Initially, he wore the standard Demon Slayer uniform, featuring a brown gakuran jacket, a white belt, and tattsuke-hakama pants. However, as he ascended through the ranks, Kyojuro adopted a distinctive outfit. He adorned a paler brown version of the uniform, accompanied by a haori that had a white-yellow gradient pattern. The haori bore red flame-like ridges at the end, reminiscent of the one his father, Shinjuro, had worn during his time as the Flame Hashira. Completing his ensemble were red kyahan with yellow flames rising from the bottom-up, pale brown tabi socks, and white zōri sandals with red straps. This unique attire became Kyojuro’s signature look, reflecting his status and prowess as the Flame Hashira.

Rengoku's outfit

Rengoku’s outfit



Physical Traits

As the Flame Hahira and a fire breath user, Rengoku was highly skilled in using his physical strength. He was an exceptionally formidable combatant, showcasing a multitude of impressive abilities. His honed senses allowed him to keenly perceive and detect even the most intense demon presence and aura. With incredible speed and reflexes, Kyojuro moved swiftly, effortlessly decapitating demons before they could react. His superhuman stamina and endurance were evident as he endured grueling battles throughout the series. Years of dedicated training had bestowed upon Kyojuro tremendous physical strength, enabling him to wield his katana with lightning-fast speed and unwavering accuracy. He displayed his immense strength by effortlessly lifting an entire train from its tracks through a single powerful dash. Even as a newly recognized Demon Slayer, Kyojuro possessed enough strength to rupture his own eardrums with a simple strike to his ears. Furthermore, his exceptional grip strength allowed him to restrain Akaza, a character known for his extraordinary physical power. Kyojuro’s physical prowess made him an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Rengoku's physical traits

Rengoku’s physical traits


Kyojuro Rengoku, as a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, stood among the elite swordsmen within the organization, renowned for his exceptional skill and power. Being a member of the esteemed Rengoku family, known for their lineage of formidable swordsmen and Flame Hashira, further bolstered Kyojuro’s expertise and allowed him to refine his swordsmanship to unparalleled levels. His remarkable abilities with the blade were prominently showcased throughout the series.

Rengoku's swordsmanship

Rengoku’s swordsmanship


Flame Breathing

Kyojuro Rengoku acquired his formidable Breathing Style from his father, Shinjuro Rengoku, the previous Flame Hashira. Through dedicated training and studying the instruction books passed down within the Rengoku Family, Kyojuro mastered this unique form of combat. As the current Flame Hashira, he became the most skilled practitioner of Flame Breathing in his generation. Kyojuro’s proficiency in this Breathing Style was evident as he effortlessly defeated Hairo, the former Lower Rank Two demon, using his powerful techniques. Furthermore, he showcased his mastery by engaging in a fierce battle against Akaza, the Upper-Rank Three demon, and held his ground with remarkable skill and prowess. Kyojuro’s dedication and expertise in Flame Breathing made him a formidable force to be reckoned with in combat. His known breathing techniques are:

  • Flame Breathing First Form, Unknowing Fire: He charges at their target quickly before unleashing a single slash intended to cut off their head.

    First form of Flame breathing

    The first form of Flame breathing

  • Flame Breathing Second Form, Rising Scorching Sun: He is able to unleash an upward-arching sword slash.

    Flame Breathing, Second form

    Flame Breathing, Second form

  • Flame Breathing Third Form, Blazing Universe: He is able to swing his blade downwards in an arc shape.

    Flame Breathing, Third Form

    Flame Breathing, Third Form

  • Flame Breathing Fourth Form, Blooming Flame Undulation: The sword is used to slash many targets at once or block oncoming assaults in a circular motion.

    Flame Breathing, Fouth Form

    Flame Breathing, Fourth Form

  • Flame Breathing Fifth Form, Flame Tiger: He is able to send a sequence of devastating sword strokes, that seems to transform into a flaming tiger.

    Flame Breathing, Fifth Form

    Flame Breathing, Fifth Form

  • Flame Breathing Ninth Form, Rengoku: It is the most destructive method of flame breathing. Before charging forward quickly, Kyojuro wields the sword and maintains a high posture. The method is strong enough to leave a trail of totally carved-out ground. This technique seems to take the shape of a blazing Japanese dragon that envelops the practitioner as they charge toward the victim in the movie and anime versions.

    Flame Breathing, Ninth Form

    Flame Breathing, Ninth Form


  • Immense physical strength: Rengoku is incredibly strong, even by Demon Slayer standards. He could easily lift and throw large objects, and he can deliver powerful blows with his sword that can easily cut through demons.
  • Superhuman speed: He was also incredibly fast, and was able to move at speeds that were far beyond the capabilities of normal humans. This allowed him to quickly close the distance between himself and his opponents and made it very difficult for them to land a hit on him.

    Rengoku's speed

    Rengoku’s speed

  • Master swordsmanship: Rengoku was a master swordsman, and he was proficient in all the forms of Flame Breathing. He was able to use his sword to create powerful and destructive attacks, and he was also able to use it in order to defend himself against even the most powerful demons.
  • Unwavering determination: Rengoku was a very determined individual, and he never gave up, no matter how difficult the situation may seem. This determination allowed him to overcome many challenges, and it also made him a very effective Demon Slayer.

    Rengoku's determination

    Rengoku’s determination

  • Passion for fighting demons: He had a great passion for fighting demons, and he believed that it was his duty to protect the innocent from them. This passion gave him a great deal of strength and motivation, and it also made him a very dangerous opponent of demons.


  • Recklessness: Rengoku was somewhat reckless in his fighting style, and he often charged headfirst into battle without thinking things through. This used to sometimes lead him to make mistakes and sometimes got him in danger.
  • Over-Protecting Nature: One of his notable weaknesses was his overwhelming desire to protect others, which sometimes led him to disregard his own well-being. This selflessness could expose him to danger and put him at a disadvantage in certain situations.

    Rengoku protecting others

    Rengoku protecting others


Kyojuro Rengoku wielded a standard-sized Nichirin katana, a weapon specifically designed to slay demons. The blade featured a striking red flame-like pattern, adding to its distinct appearance. Engraved on the side of the blade were the words “Destroyer of Demons,” a testament to Kyojuro’s role as a Demon Slayer. The hilt of the katana was wrapped in white material, possibly leather, providing a firm grip for precise swordsmanship. The handguard of the katana took the shape of a flame, with a vibrant red core and an orange border, further symbolizing Kyojuro’s association with fire and his Flame Breathing style. To protect the blade when not in use, Kyojuro carried a standard sword sheath in white and grey colors, ensuring the safekeeping of his weapon.

Rengoku holding his sword

Rengoku holding his sword

Signature Move

Kyojuro’s signature move is called “Flame Breathing Ninth Form, Rengoku (Purgutory).” With this, he unleashes his full potential, demonstrating incredible strength and unleashing fiery attacks that can overwhelm his opponents. It is a testament to Kyojuro’s skill and dedication as a swordsman, solidifying his status as a formidable warrior within the Demon Slayer Corps. He used this technique against Akaza which almost killed him, and also made everyone around stunned by such a demonstration of power.

Kyojuro Rengoku signature move

Kyojuro Rengoku’s signature move

Appearances in Popular Media

Rengoku made his first appearance in the Anime episode number 21: Against Corps Rules.

Rengoku's first appearance in Anime

Rengoku’s first appearance in Anime

Rengoku first appeared in the Manga Chapter 44: Breaking the Demon Hunters Charter.

Rengoku's first appearance in Manga

Rengoku’s first appearance in Manga


Rengoku made his debut as the main character in the movie, debut in the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train.

Rengoku in Demon Slayer Movie

Rengoku in Demon Slayer Movie

Other Media

Video Games

The video game Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles (13 October 2021), features Rengoku as a playable character along with various other characters of the Demon Slayer series.

Rengoku in Demon Slayer Game

Rengoku in Demon Slayer Game

Spin-off series

Demon Slayer has a Kimetsu Academy Spinoff Universe where the characters are shown as their alter ego in a Japanese Academy. Rengoku is a fun-having and beloved history teacher in the series.

Rengoku in Demon Slayer Spin-off series

Rengoku in the Demon Slayer Spin-off series

Voice Actors

Japanese voice actors of Rengoku are Satoshi Hino and Mariya Ise (young).

English voice actors of Regoku are Mark Whitten and Ryan Bartley (young).

Rengoku's voice actors

Rengoku’s voice actors

  • Spanish: Daayán, Irwin
  • German: Morgenstern, Tommy
  • Portuguese (BR): Salerno, Arthur and Maia, Philippe
  • Italian: La Greca, Andrea
  • French: Antoine, Adrien

Reviews and Reception

  • Most fan-favorite character: Among all the Demon Slayer characters, Rengoku Kyojuro is the most popular and loved character among the fans. Various fan polls and reviews have proved that his character is most inspiring and beloved by people of all generations.
  • Unsatisfactory amount of screen time: The Demon Slayer fans are disappointed with the fact that one of the best characters, Rengoku, has very less screen time in the show and the creators decided to kill him in the second season of the show.


Rengoku Kyojuro, the Flame Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, died in the Mugen Train Arc, while he was fighting Akaza, the Upper-Rank Three Demon when he was mortally wounded. Akaza had pierced Rengoku’s lungs with his claws, and Rengoku was slowly suffocating, despite this, Rengoku continued to fight and even managed to land a few blows on Akaza. However, Akaza was simply too powerful, and Rengoku eventually lost due to his injuries.


Rengoku’s death was a major blow to the Demon Slayer Corps. He was a skilled and experienced swordsman, and his death left a void in the ranks of the Hashira. However, Rengoku’s death also inspired the other Demon Slayers, and they vowed to avenge his death. His death was a tragic event, but it also showed the strength of his character. He was willing to sacrifice his own life to protect others, and he died a hero. Rengoku will be remembered as one of the greatest Demon Slayers of all time.

Rengoku smiles before dying as a hero

Rengoku smiles before dying as a hero


  • Food: Miso soup with sweet potatoes and salt grilled bream.
  • Hobby: Watching Sumo Wrestling.

Facts and Trivia

  • In the first and second popularity polls, Kyojuro received 1,021 and 8,000 votes, respectively, placing him in the 7th position.
  • According to Kyojuro, his oldest ancestor consumed a lot of tempura, which caused their descendants and their own hair to become rather odd.
  • His favorite phrases are “If you put in your all, you’ll stand your ground even in death.” and “Nothing’s impossible if you put your mind to it.”


  • Within the Rengoku family, there exists a tradition known as Kankagari, and this practice involves the wives of the family members dedicating two hours every seven days during their pregnancies to gaze at a large flaming torch. It is believed that this ritual is responsible for the distinctive flame-colored hair that the men in the Rengoku family possess.
  • Kyojuro scored a 95% on the openness scale.
  • Kyojuro’s remarkable speed, both in physical actions and decision-making, often left his peers struggling to keep up with him. Whether it was reaching conclusions swiftly, changing his mind in an instant, or even eating quickly, he was known for his rapidity. However, beneath this lightning-fast exterior, he remained sensitive to the emotions of others, displaying a caring and compassionate nature that endeared him to many members of the Demon Slayer Corps.
  • Episode 28’s Taisho Secret revealed that Kyojuro lacks a Tsuguko as a result of how challenging his training is and how they ultimately escape.
  • Among the elite Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Kyojuro Rengoku stands out as one of the four Hashira who wields a standard Nichirin Katana. Alongside him are Giyu Tomioka, Muichiro Tokito, and Sanemi Shinazugawa. These four exceptional swordsmen demonstrate their formidable skills with the traditional weapon, showcasing their mastery of combat techniques and their unwavering commitment to protecting humanity.

    Rengoku's Nichirin Sword

    Rengoku’s Nichirin Sword

  • Within Kimetsu Academy, Kyojuro assumes the role of a history teacher, driven by his deep passion for teaching and his fondness for the subject. Infusing his classes with an unconventional approach, he initiates lively cavalry battles among his students, creating an engaging and interactive learning environment. His unique teaching style and genuine enthusiasm for history have garnered him the admiration and affection of his students.

    History teacher Rengoku

    History teacher Rengoku

  • He was a mentor to Mitsuri Kanroji, the Love Hashira, and taught her a lot about breathing techniques.

    Rengoku teacher Mitsuri

    Rengoku teacher Mitsuri

  • During his fight with Upper Moon Three Demon, he was acknowledged by Akaza, for his strength and fighting spirit.

    Akaza fights Rengoku with all his might

    Akaza fights Rengoku with all his might

  • In Japanese, Kyojuro’s surname (煉れん獄ごく) also means “Purgatory”. Along with that, his first name has the kanji for “apricot” (杏 Kyō), “longevity” (寿 Ju)”, and “son” (郎 Rō).
  • Kyojuro’s father detested animals, so he was never permitted to own a pet for himself.
  • In the course of his initial mission, Kyojuro made a daring decision to protect himself against the Flute Demon’s Blood Demon Art. To neutralize the demon’s auditory-based technique, he deliberately ruptured his own eardrums. While the long-term consequences of this action remain uncertain, it is considered highly improbable that it resulted in permanent damage to his hearing.
  • Every time Rengoku eats something delicious, he shouts out, Umai (tasty/delicious). This is one of the most fan-loved moments and socially shared memes of Demon Slayer.

    Rengoku loves eating

    Rengoku loves eating

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