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Jiraiya (ジラヤ) is a Japanese fictional character, the sensei of the fourth and seventh Hokage, One of Legendary Sanin, and a student of the third Hokage in the Naruto series.


Jiraiya was born on November 11 (age 51 years) in Hidden Leaf Village. His blood type is B and his zodiac sign is Scorpio. Jiraiya rose up to the ranks of Jonin under the guidance of the third Hokage and served his village during times of war. As the story progresses, Jiraiya travels to various nations and writes novels based on his journey.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx): 6’2”

Weight: 87.5 kg

Hair Colour: White

Eye Colour: Black

Gender: Male

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Jiraiya’s clan was never revealed in the anime or manga.

Parents & Siblings

Neither Jiraiya’s parents were seen nor their names were mentioned in the series, novel, or databook.

Wife & Children

Jiraiya died bachelor, as he truly loved Tsunade Senju and swore to protect her.

Love Interest – Girlfriends

Jiraiya fell in love with the Tsunade Senju, her comrade and the granddaughter of the first Hokage.

Kid Jiraya and Tsunade


Jiraiya, a character from the Naruto series, was a ninja who graduated from Konoha’s Ninja Academy. He was initially teamed up with Orochimaru and Tsunade, under the leadership of Hiruzen Sarutobi. During their first exercise, Jiraiya failed to acquire a bell and faced punishment. Jiraiya had a special ability to spy on bathing women without getting caught, which caught the attention of his teammates. Jiraiya also developed an interest in Tsunade, but he had to be more discreet after nearly getting caught.

A picture of Team Hiruzen

A picture of Team Hiruzen

At some point, Jiraiya discovered Mount Myōboku, the home of the toads, where he received training in senjutsu. During his time there, the Great Toad Sage predicted that Jiraiya would travel the world and encounter a student who would play a crucial role in saving or destroying the world.

The Great Toad Sage's prediction about Jiraiya

The Great Toad Sage’s prediction about Jiraiya

Jiraiya became a jōnin and formed his own genin team, suspecting that one of his students, Minato Namikaze, might be the prophesied child. He took Minato as his disciple and taught him many skills, including the Rasengan. Jiraiya also found success as an author with his adult novels called Icha Icha, which were based on his experiences in love.

Jiraiya during his time as a Jonin

Jiraiya during his time as a Jonin

During the Second Shinobi World War, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade fought together and earned the title of Konoha’s “Legendary Sannin” after surviving a battle against Hanzō. Following the war, Jiraiya decided to stay in Ame to care for war orphans. He discovered that one of the orphans, Nagato, possessed the powerful Rinnegan. Believing Nagato to be the prophesied child, Jiraiya taught the orphans ninjutsu and nurtured Nagato’s desire for peace.

Jiraiya clears the doubts of Nagato

Jiraiya clears the doubts of Nagato

Jiraiya later returned to Konoha, leaving the orphans with a finished copy of his book dedicated to Nagato. Unfortunately, he heard the news of their deaths. Meanwhile, Minato, who became the Fourth Hokage, named his son Naruto after the main character in Jiraiya’s book. Jiraiya received a key to Naruto’s seal from Minato, which he believed was meant to help Naruto control the Nine-Tails’ power.

Minato asks Jiraiya to become Naruto's godfather

Minato asks Jiraiya to become Naruto’s godfather

Despite being friends with Orochimaru, Jiraiya pursued him when he defected from Konoha, hoping to bring him back. However, Orochimaru refused and attacked Jiraiya. Unable to understand Orochimaru’s actions, Jiraiya began closely monitoring Orochimaru and the Akatsuki organization, preventing him from becoming the Fifth Hokage as desired by Hiruzen.

Jiraiya decides to start his own mission

Jiraiya decides to start his own mission

Inspired By/Based On

Kishimoto took the inspiration for Jiraiya’s character from “The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya” (Japanese folklore). In this traditional story, Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari is a heroic character who possesses the ability to ride on toads and utilizes their magical powers in his battles. The Naruto series incorporated these elements from folklore into Jiraiya’s character, giving him his unique traits and abilities.

A picture from the Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya

A picture from the Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya


Jiraiya, the legendary shinobi from the Naruto series, was created by Masashi Kishimoto. Kishimoto envisioned Jiraiya as a wise, quirky, and perceptive individual with a strong sense of justice. Jiraiya is depicted as a skilled and powerful ninja, known for his expertise in spying and combat. He is also portrayed as a perceptive and insightful mentor to the series’ protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki. By introducing Jiraiya, Kishimoto was able to explore important ideas like having a mentor, growing as a person, and finding a balance between good and bad. Through Jiraiya’s character, Kishimoto taught us valuable lessons about being strong in tough times, learning about ourselves, and understanding the results of our choices.

A sketch of Jiraiya


In His Early Youth

Jiraiya’s backstory as a legendary Sannin, a former student of Hiruzen Sarutobi, and a member of the legendary Team Minato provided a foundation for his character. His connection to the other main characters, especially his close bond with Naruto’s parents, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, added depth and significance to his role in the story.

A picture of Naruto's parents

A picture of Naruto’s parents

With A Range Of Personality Traits

Jiraiya’s character is defined by his playful and jovial nature, often seen as a perverted and eccentric mentor figure. However, beneath his carefree facade, he possesses immense wisdom, compassion, and a strong sense of justice. Kishimoto carefully balanced Jiraiya’s lightheartedness with his seriousness and dedication when it came to protecting the village and nurturing Naruto’s growth.

Jiraiya's comical behaviour

Jiraiya’s comical behavior

Mentorship of Naruto

Jiraiya’s role as Naruto’s mentor was a central aspect of his character development. Kishimoto explored Jiraiya’s responsibility in shaping Naruto’s ninja skills, teaching him valuable life lessons, and instilling in him the determination and resilience needed to fulfill his destiny. The dynamic between Jiraiya and Naruto showcased the growth and bond between teacher and student, emphasizing the importance of guidance and mentorship in the series.

Jiraiya has a strong bond with Naruto

Jiraiya has a strong bond with Naruto

Relationship with Orochimaru and Tsunade

After graduating from Konoha’s Ninja Academy, Jiraiya was assigned to a team alongside Orochimaru and Tsunade, under the mentorship of Hiruzen Sarutobi. Jiraiya’s complex relationships with his fellow Sannin, Orochimaru and Tsunade, added layers to his character. While Jiraiya maintained a strong bond with Tsunade, acting as her confidant and often trying to steer her away from her self-destructive path. Jiraiya took a liking to Tsunade, and he used to peep at her as she developed physically. He also had a tumultuous history with Orochimaru. Kishimoto used these relationships to explore themes of friendship, betrayal, and the impact of one’s choices.

Jiraya caught peeping at Tsunade

Jiraiya was caught peeping at Tsunade

Heroic Sacrifice

Jiraiya’s ultimate act of sacrifice, as he faced off against Pain to protect the Hidden Leaf Village, was a defining moment in his character development. Kishimoto portrayed Jiraiya’s unwavering dedication to his beliefs and his willingness to lay down his life for the greater good, leaving a lasting impact on both Naruto and the readers.

Jiraiya dies as a hero

Jiraiya dies as a hero


During his travels, Jiraiya stumbled upon Mount Myōboku, the sacred home of the toads. In the anime, his arrival at the mountain was a consequence of his attempt to summon a toad without having a prior contract. Under the guidance of Fukasaku, Jiraiya was trained in various techniques, most notably senjutsu, the art of sage techniques. It was during his time at Mount Myōboku that the Great Toad Sage prophesied Jiraiya’s destined path: to journey across the world and encounter the “Child of the Prophecy,” a student who would ultimately determine the fate of the world based on Jiraiya’s teachings.

Jiraya in Mount Myōboku

Jiraiya in Mount Myōboku

Following the disbandment of their team under Hiruzen’s leadership, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade fought alongside each other during the tumultuous Second Shinobi World War. In a fierce battle against Hanzō in Amegakure, they were the only three survivors, earning them the revered title of Konoha’s “Legendary Sannin.”

Jiraya and his team in combat with Hanzo

Jiraya and his team in combat with Hanzo

After the war, three orphans, deeply affected by the conflict, approached Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade with a heartfelt request to be trained in ninjutsu. Overwhelmed by guilt for their involvement in the war, Jiraiya made a decision that would shape their future. He chose to remain in Amegakure for a period of time, taking responsibility for the orphans’ well-being and nurturing their potential as shinobi.

Jiraya encounters ame orphans

Jiraya encounters ame orphans

Among the orphans, Nagato was revealed to possess the rare and powerful Rinnegan, a legendary ocular ability once wielded by the Sage of the Six Paths, who had saved the world in ancient times. Believing Nagato to be the long-awaited Child of the Prophecy, Jiraiya saw an opportunity to guide him toward becoming a force of salvation for the world. After three years of dedicated training, Jiraiya felt that the orphans he had taken under his wing were ready to venture out into the world on their own. He bid them farewell and returned to Konoha, leaving them with a completed copy of Gutsy Shinobi, a book he had dedicated to Nagato as a token of their time together.

Ame orphans after three years of training

Ame orphans after three years of training

However, Jiraiya’s path took a new turn when Orochimaru, his former teammate, defected from Konoha. Driven by a sense of duty and a desire to bring Orochimaru back to the village, Jiraiya pursued him relentlessly. He believed that if he could uncover the root cause of Orochimaru’s betrayal and find a way to change it, his former comrade might be convinced to return. However, despite his efforts, Jiraiya found himself unable to uncover a deeper understanding or a solution to Orochimaru’s actions. Orochimaru, in turn, accused Jiraiya of not being able to comprehend his motivations since Jiraiya had not experienced the loss of his parents. From that point onward, Jiraiya became intensely focused on monitoring Orochimaru’s activities as well as those of the mysterious organization known as Akatsuki, which Orochimaru eventually joined. Jiraiya’s investigations often led him far away from the village, preventing him from fulfilling the aspirations of becoming the Fifth Hokage, a position that Hiruzen had hoped for him to assume.

Jiraya and Orochimaru

Jiraya and Orochimaru

Jiraiya’s career as an author took an interesting turn when his initial work, “Gutsy Shinobi,” failed to gain popularity. In response, he created the adult novel series known as “Icha Icha.” Inspired by his own romantic experiences, particularly his enduring affection for Tsunade despite her rejections, Jiraiya spun humorous and fictionalized tales in the novels. To his delight, the books became immensely popular, bringing him great financial success.

Jiraya with his Icha Icha novel

Jiraiya with his Icha Icha novel

Jiraiya, a renowned shinobi and member of the legendary Sannin, played a crucial role in Naruto’s life as both his mentor and a believer in his potential. Their meeting occurred when Jiraiya was assigned by the Third Hokage to become Naruto’s teacher. Initially, Jiraiya saw Naruto as an unruly and mischievous child. However, as he spent time with Naruto, Jiraiya recognized his hidden potential and began training him in both combat skills and life lessons. Jiraiya became impressed by Naruto’s determination, resilience, and unwavering spirit, qualities that reminded him of his former student, Minato Namikaze. Believing Naruto to be the child of prophecy, destined to bring about great change in the ninja world, Jiraiya took it upon himself to train him rigorously. He taught Naruto various powerful jutsu, including the Rasengan, and helped him tap into the immense power of the Nine-Tails sealed within him. Sadly, Jiraiya’s life was tragically cut short during a mission to infiltrate the organization Akatsuki. However, his teachings and faith in Naruto lived on, driving Naruto to fulfill his destiny as a powerful ninja and ultimately bringing about the peace and change Jiraiya envisioned.

Jiraiya teaches Rasengan to Naruto

Jiraiya teaches Rasengan to Naruto


Jiraiya Vs Four Tails

In an effort to help Naruto prepare for the forthcoming threat posed by the Akatsuki, Jiraiya decided to teach him how to harness the power of the Nine-Tails’ chakra. However, during the training, Naruto lost control and lashed out against his mentor, Jiraiya. As a legendary Sannin and skilled shinobi, Jiraiya was able to handle the situation. However, this encounter left a big scar on Jiraiya’s chest.

Jiraya in a battle with Naruto's Four-Tails Mode

Jiraya in a battle with Naruto’s Four-Tails Mode

Jiraiya Vs Orochimaru

Following his devastating defeat at the hands of Hiruzen Sarutobi, Orochimaru sought Tsunade’s assistance to heal his crippled arms. Tsunade, after careful consideration, declined his request. Jiraiya intervened in no time, leading to an intense confrontation between the three legendary Sannin. Despite Orochimaru’s formidable efforts aided by Kabuto, he was ultimately defeated and compelled to retreat.

Jiraya fights Orochimaru to save Tsunade

Jiraya fights Orochimaru to save Tsunade

Jiraiya Vs Itachi & Kisame

In their mission to abduct Naruto, Itachi, and Kisame of the Akatsuki infiltrated Konoha. Jiraiya caught up with them at the hotel where they had targeted Naruto, swiftly trapping them in a toad’s stomach. Caught off guard by Jiraiya’s unexpected presence, Itachi and Kisame had no choice but to retreat in order to ensure their own safety.

Kisame & Itachi in Jiraiya's Toad Stomach

Kisame & Itachi in Jiraiya’s Toad Stomach

Jiraiya Vs Pain

Upon suspecting Pain’s true identity, Jiraiya understood the gravity of the situation and decided to infiltrate the Rain Village. There he engaged in a fierce battle against Pain and Konan. Despite being heavily outnumbered, Jiraiya held his own, managing to defeat some of Pain’s bodies. However, he was eventually caught off guard and disarmed, leading to his demise. In his final moments, Jiraiya made sure to pass on the crucial information about Nagato’s power to the Leaf Village, ensuring that his sacrifice was not in vain.

Jiraya eliminating one of Six Pain

Jiraya eliminating one of Six Pain


  • Defeating Pain: Jiraiya’s most significant victory is his battle against Pain, the leader of the Akatsuki. Despite being outnumbered and facing formidable opponents, Jiraiya manages to gather crucial information about Pain and ultimately discovers his weakness, the Rinnegan. Jiraiya’s sacrifice during the battle plays a vital role in Naruto’s growth and contributes to the resolution of the story arc.

    Jiraiya finds out the secrect of Pain of the Six Paths

    Jiraiya finds out the secret of Pain of the Six Paths

  • Training Naruto: Jiraiya becomes Naruto’s mentor and plays a crucial role in shaping him into a skilled shinobi. He trains Naruto in various techniques, including the Rasengan, and instills important life lessons in him. Naruto’s growth and eventual success can be attributed in part to Jiraiya’s guidance and teachings.

    Jiraiya teaches Naruto to break genjutsu

    Jiraiya teaches Naruto to break genjutsu

  • Gathering intelligence: Jiraiya’s skills as a spy and infiltrator enable him to gather valuable intelligence on various enemies and organizations. His information about Akatsuki and his efforts to understand their plans contribute to the overall success of the Allied Shinobi Forces in the Fourth Great Ninja War.


  • Failing to save Orochimaru: Despite being a close friend and teammate of Orochimaru, Jiraiya fails to save him from succumbing to darkness. Orochimaru’s decision to follow the darkness and his involvement with the Akatsuki represent a personal failure for Jiraiya.
  • Inability to find the child of prophecy: Jiraiya is entrusted with the task of finding the child of prophecy who would bring peace to the world. Although he dedicates much of his life to this pursuit, he ultimately fails to identify the true identity of the child, which turns out to be Naruto. This failure deeply impacts Jiraiya and leads to a sense of regret.
  • Death in battle: Jiraiya’s ultimate failure is his death in battle against Pain. Despite his clever efforts, he is overwhelmed by Pain’s power and sacrifices himself to relay crucial information to Konoha before dying. His death represents a significant loss for Naruto and the shinobi world.

    Jiraiya gets killed by Pain

    Jiraiya gets killed by Pain


Jiraiya’s most prominent and complex enemy was his former teammate Orochimaru. Despite their shared history, Orochimaru’s descent into darkness and his pursuit of forbidden jutsu made him a formidable and dangerous opponent.


Jiraiya’s fateful encounter with Pain, who was controlled by Nagato, showcased the depth of their rivalry. Jiraiya recognized Nagato as one of his students and tried to guide him toward the path of peace. However, their opposing views on the nature of the world led to a tragic confrontation.


As a member of the notorious criminal organization Akatsuki, Jiraiya faced several of its members in battle. His missions to gather intelligence on Akatsuki brought him into conflict with formidable antagonists such as Itachi Uchiha, Kisame Hoshigaki, and Konan.

The team of Akatsuki

The team of Akatsuki

Jiraiya also crossed paths with Hanzo of the Salamander, a feared and powerful leader of Amegakure. Their clash showcased Hanzo’s formidable abilities and the relentless nature of their rivalry.




Jiraiya’s fellow teammate and one of the legendary Sannin, Tsunade shared a close bond with him. Despite their playful fighting, Jiraiya and Tsunade had a strong friendship rooted in trust and mutual respect. They supported each other through their respective journeys and shared a deep connection forged during their time as members of Team Hiruzen.

Jiraya and Tsunade having friendly fight during the bell test

Jiraya and Tsunade having a friendly fight during the bell test


Jiraiya served as a mentor to Minato, the Fourth Hokage. Thanks to Jiraiya’s training, Minato became a skilled ninja capable enough to assume the Hokage post. Jiraiya was a father figure to Minato, that’s the reason why Minato decided to name their unborn son after the protagonist in Jiraiya’s novels.

Jiraiya finds Minato reading his novel

Jiraiya finds Minato reading his novel


Jiraiya had a close bond with Kushina, who was not only his student but also a dear friend. He cared deeply for her well-being and played a vital role in protecting her during her time in Konoha.

Kushina Uzumaki, the mother of Naruto

Kushina Uzumaki, the mother of Naruto

Yahiko, Nagato and Konan

Jiraiya encountered this trio during his travels and formed a unique bond with them. He saw potential in them and became their mentor, guiding them toward a path of peace. Jiraiya’s teachings and influence played a significant role in shaping Nagato, who would later become an antagonist known as Pain.

A picture of Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan

A picture of Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan


Jiraiya shared a teacher-student relationship with Kakashi, as he trained him in his early years. Jiraiya recognized Kakashi’s talent and helped refine his skills. They held mutual respect for each other and maintained a strong bond throughout their lives.

Jiraiya tells Kakashi something important regarding Tsunade

Jiraiya tells Kakashi something important regarding Tsunade


Jiraiya’s relationship with Naruto, his godson, and later student, became one of the most significant connections in his life. Jiraiya recognized Naruto’s potential and played a pivotal role in shaping him into the future Hokage. Their bond went beyond mentorship, as Jiraiya cared deeply for Naruto’s well-being and dedicated himself to ensuring his growth and protection.

A picture of Jiraiya and Naruto together

A picture of Jiraiya and Naruto together

Summoning Toads

Jiraiya had a unique partnership with various toad summons, particularly Gamabunta, the boss toad. They provided assistance during battles and acted as loyal allies.

Jiraiya with his summoned toads

Jiraiya with his summoned toads


Jiraiya possessed light-hearted and friendly behavior. His MBTI personality type is ENFP. He had a knack for pretending to be superior or self-centered in his interactions with others, intentionally provoking them to ignite humorous reactions. Even in the midst of combat, he maintained a flair for the dramatic, striking kabuki poses and delivering grand self-introductions. However, his theatrical entrances were frequently interrupted, much to his annoyance, and he didn’t hesitate to express his frustration towards whoever disrupted his theatrics. Despite this, Jiraiya proved himself to be an exceptional and skilled shinobi. He developed a vast information network spanning different countries, showcasing his expertise in gathering valuable intelligence. In battle, Jiraiya displayed a remarkable ability to swiftly identify and analyze threats and dangers, adapting his strategies accordingly.

Jiraiya making his iconic pose

Jiraiya making his iconic pose

Jiraiya always had a profound loyalty toward Konoha. At some point, he threatened to kill Tsunade, his longtime friend if she ever betrayed Konoha. Jiraiya’s loyalty was also evident when he faced off against Orochimaru, his former comrade. Similarly, when Jiraiya discovered that Nagato, his former student, was the true leader of Akatsuki, he did not hesitate to confront him.

Jiraiya threatening to kill Tsunade

Jiraiya threatens to kill Tsunade

Jiraiya had a reputation as a self-proclaimed super-pervert. He used to spy on women while they bathed. Interestingly, he drew inspiration for his novels from the “research” he gathered through his peeping activities. Despite achieving great success as a novelist, Jiraiya didn’t hesitate to take advantage of opportunities to obtain money from Naruto and spend it on his addictions, such as alcohol and women.

Jiraiya having fun with women

Jiraiya having fun with women

Jiraiya’s greatest legacy lies in his exceptional skills as a teacher. Motivated by the prophecy of finding the world’s savior, he took on the mentorship of three immensely powerful shinobi: Nagato, Minato, and Naruto. While initially strict and distant towards Naruto, he developed a genuine love for the young boy. Jiraiya made special efforts to connect with Naruto on a personal level, such as sharing moments of comfort by treating him to ice cream during times of sorrow over his family’s absence. Even in death, Jiraiya’s final thoughts were dedicated to Naruto.

Jiraiya, a great teacher and novalist

Jiraiya, a great teacher, and novelist

Jiraiya retained his inherent kindness and held a deep affection for those dear to him. He had unwavering faith in the younger generation, especially in those he personally mentored, with Naruto being a prime example. Jiraiya firmly believed that Naruto possessed the ability to shape a world that he himself could only imagine and yearned for. Despite his many setbacks and failures, Jiraiya considered the moments of triumph and growth he experienced alongside Naruto to be immensely meaningful and worthwhile. In his final moments, he embraced the profound impact he had on Naruto’s life, finding peace and fulfillment in their shared journey.

Jiraiya, a ninja who sought peace in the shinbi world

Jiraiya, a ninja who sought peace in the shinobi world

Knowledge: 9/10

Creativity: 8/10

Initiative: 9/10

Emotional Strength: 9/10

Social Skills: 9/10

Involvement: 8/10


He typically wore a vibrant green short-sleeved kimono and matching pants, complemented by mesh armor visible at his wrists and ankles. He adorned his outfit with hand guards, a black belt, traditional wooden sandals, and a red haori featuring two yellow circles on each side. Jiraiya was often seen carrying a large scroll on his back, symbolizing his expertise and knowledge. Additionally, he had a tattoo on his left palm and wore a forehead protector with the emblem of Mount Myōboku, which showcased his affiliation with the legendary toad sage.

Jiraiya appearance


When Jiraiya was summoned to Mount Myōboku, he learned Senjutsu which requires the user to enter into sage mode. By infusing natural energy from the surrounding environment, Jiraiya gained enhanced strength, speed, and sensory abilities. In this state, his appearance changed, with toad-like facial markings and elongated hair. In this mode, Jiraiya’s combat style involved adopting frog-like movements and strikes. By simulating the flexibility and strength of frogs, Jiraiya could deliver powerful and unpredictable attacks, often catching opponents off guard.

Jiraiya in sage mode

Jiraiya in sage mode


Jiraiya, the legendary Sannin and master of the toad sage arts, possessed a wide range of remarkable abilities that showcased his immense skill and versatility as a shinobi. Here are some of Jiraiya’s notable abilities:


Ninjutsu Mastery

Jiraiya was a highly proficient user of ninjutsu, the art of ninja techniques. He had a vast collection of jutsu at his disposal, ranging from offensive to defensive and supplementary techniques. His mastery allowed him to perform powerful jutsu such as the Rasengan and Toad Oil Bullet, demonstrating his proficiency in manipulating chakra for various purposes.

Jiraiya uses ninjutsu against Pain

Jiraiya uses ninjutsu against Pain

Toad Sage Arts

Jiraiya was renowned for his expertise in the toad sage arts, a unique form of combat that involved channeling natural energy and utilizing the power of toad summons. Through his sage training, Jiraiya gained enhanced physical abilities, sensory perception, and access to potent toad-based techniques, such as the Toad Mouth Bind and Toad Flat Road.

Jiraiya's strength increases with Toad Sage Arts

Jiraiya’s strength increases with Toad Sage Arts

Summoning Technique

Jiraiya possessed the ability to summon toads of various sizes, enabling him to call upon their assistance in battles. He formed a strong bond with the toad-summoning clan and could summon powerful toads like Gamabunta, Gamahiro, and Gamaken. These summoned allies provided additional firepower and support during combat.

Jiraiya with his summoned toad

Jiraiya with his summoned toad

Tactical Intelligence

Jiraiya possessed keen tactical intelligence and strategic thinking. He was a perceptive and analytical shinobi, capable of quickly assessing the battlefield and formulating effective plans. Jiraiya’s strategic acumen allowed him to adapt to different situations and outperform opponents.

Jiraiya analyzes the secret of Pain's abilities

Jiraiya analyzes the secret of Pain’s abilities

Physical Prowess

Jiraiya was known for his exceptional physical abilities. He possessed impressive strength, speed, and agility, enabling him to engage in close combat and perform acrobatic stunts. His physical prowess, combined with his extensive ninjutsu knowledge, made him a formidable opponent.

jiraiya delivers a powerful kick

jiraiya delivers a powerful kick

Hair Needle Senbon

Jiraiya’s hair needle senbon technique involved extending and manipulating his long hair to form sharp senbon needles, which he could use for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Jiraiya manuplates his hair to defend himself

Jiraiya manuplates his hair to defend himself


Jiraiya’s diverse skill set and a vast range of jutsu provided him with options for various combat scenarios, allowing him to adapt and respond effectively to different opponents and challenges.


Jiraiya’s dependence on Sage Mode for enhanced abilities meant that he needed time to gather natural energy, leaving him vulnerable in situations where he couldn’t access or sustain the mode.

Although skilled in genjutsu, Jiraiya struggled against highly skilled practitioners, as his focus was primarily on ninjutsu and sage arts. This vulnerability to genjutsu limited his options in certain encounters.


Jiraiya, the legendary Sannin, was not heavily reliant on specialized equipment or weapons. However, he possessed a few notable tools that aided him in his shinobi endeavors. One of his signature items was the “Scroll of Seals,” a large scroll filled with various sealing jutsu and techniques. This scroll allowed Jiraiya to utilize powerful sealing methods when needed, enabling him to control or contain formidable opponents or dangerous objects. Additionally, Jiraiya was known to carry a small pouch containing ninja tools such as kunai, shuriken, and explosive tags, which he could employ for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Jiraiya attacks with a kunai

Jiraiya attacks with a kunai

Signature Moves

The Rasengan was one of Jiraiya’s signature techniques, originally developed by his student, Minato Namikaze. Jiraiya mastered this chakra manipulation technique, which involved creating a spinning ball of concentrated chakra in the palm of his hand.

Jiraiya attacks Urashiki with a Rasengan

Jiraiya attacks Urashiki with Rasengan

As a master of the toad sage arts, Jiraiya had the ability to summon toads of various sizes. His signature move involved summoning massive toads like Gamabunta, who would aid him in battle. Jiraiya’s summoning technique allowed him to access additional firepower and support during combat.

Jiraiya summons a weird toad to train Naruto

Jiraiya summons a weird toad to train Naruto

Appearances in Popular Media


Jiraiya made his first appearance in Naruto anime’s episode 52.

Jiraiya first appearance

He debuted in Naruto manga with chapter 90.

Jiraiya first appearance in manga


Jiraiya’s character can be spotted as a side character in the following Naruto movies.

  • Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds

    Jiraiya in Naruto Movie 2

    Jiraiya in Naruto Movie 2

  • Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire

    Jiraiya in Naruto movie the Will of Fire

    Jiraiya in the Naruto movie The Will of Fire

  • Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Lost Tower

    Jiraiya in Naruto movie The Lost Tower

    Jiraiya in the Naruto movie The Lost Tower

  • Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie

    Jiraiya in Road to Ninja

    Jiraiya in Road to Ninja

Video Games/Other Media

Naruto: Clash Of Ninja Revolution (2007)

Jiraiya in Naruto Clash Of Ninja Revolution

Naruto: Rise Of A Ninja (2007)

Jiraiya in Naruto Rise Of A Ninja

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (2008)

Jiraiya in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (2010)

Jiraiya in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (2013)

Jiraiya in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution (2014)

Jiraiya in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution


Jiraiya is featured in Finally a Clash! Jōnin vs. Genin!! Indiscriminate Grand Melee Tournament Meeting!!

Jiraiya in Naruto OVA 4

Jiraiya in Naruto OVA 4

Voice Actors

Houchuu Ootsuka and Tooru Nara are the voice actors behind the Japanese voice of Jiraiya. David Lodge, Todd Haberkorn, and Brad MacDonald have dubbed the English version. The names of people who have voiced Jiraiya in other languages are listed below.

  • Italian: Renato Novara, Massimiliano Lotti
  • Portuguese (BR): Raul Schlosser, Daniel Figueira, Rafael Camacho, César Emílio
  • Hungarian: Gábor Vass
  • Korean: Gwang Jang
  • Hebrew: Amnon Wolf
  • French: Olivier Cuvellier, Jean-Paul Clerbois
  • German: Jürgen Holdorf
  • Spanish: Paco Mauri, Alfredo Leal


Activity: Peeping, Drinking, Teaching

Hobby: Writing, Traveling

Food: Karaage


During his investigations of the organization known as Akatsuki, Jiraiya confronted one of its leaders, Pain, in the Hidden Rain Village. Recognizing the immense threat posed by Pain, Jiraiya engaged in an intense battle. Despite his bold efforts, Jiraiya found himself outmatched by the overwhelming power of Pain’s multiple bodies and their devastating abilities. However, he managed to gather crucial information about Pain’s abilities and true identity during the encounter. In a final act of bravery and sacrifice, Jiraiya entrusted this vital information to one of his toad summons, Fukasaku, by inscribing it onto his back using a code. Severely injured and with his strength receding, Jiraiya made a desperate attempt to escape, hoping to relay the information to his trusted allies in Konoha. Tragically, Jiraiya surrendered to his injuries and sank beneath the water’s surface, leaving behind a legacy of courage, wisdom, and unwavering loyalty. His death had a profound impact on those who admired him, including Naruto, his former student, who vowed to carry on his legacy.

Jiraiya taking final breaths

Jiraiya takes final breaths


  • After achieving the rank of jōnin, Jiraiya led his own genin team. He suspected that one of his students, Minato Namikaze, might be the foretold “Child of the Prophecy” due to his exceptional talents and intelligence.
  • Jiraiya’s habit of peeping on women has put him in trouble many times. There was one instance when Tsunade shattered both of his arms, and six of his ribs, and punctured several organs as punishment for his spying on her when she was bathing.
  • When Minato and Kushina were trying to come up with a name for their unborn child, they chose the name of a fictional shinobi character crafted by Jiraiya. Upon learning of their choice, Jiraiya initially hesitated but eventually granted them permission to use the name.

    Minato asking for permission from Jiraiya

    Minato asking for permission from Jiraiya

  • As a young prodigy, Jiraiya chose to enroll in the academy at a relatively early age compared to other shinobi children. He successfully completed the academy curriculum and graduated before his peers even considered joining.
  • After Jiraiya suffered severe injuries, he jumped into a river, and his body was lost in its depths. In honor of his beloved teacher, Naruto decided to create a monument for Jiraiya in the forest near the village. Naruto carved the kanji for “teacher” into the stone, creating a lasting tribute to his mentor.

    Naruto made monument to honour Jiraiya's death

    Naruto made a monument to honor Jiraiya’s death

  • Jiraiya created the jutsu known as “Transparent Escape,” which allows the user to become nearly transparent and move undetected. However, the reason behind the invention of this technique may not be considered honorable by most shinobi. As a young boy, Jiraiya’s motivation for creating the jutsu was not for reconnaissance or infiltration purposes. Instead, he simply wanted to use it to spy on attractive women without getting caught.
  • Jiraiya’s character in the Naruto series has alias such as Pervy Sage, Toad Sage, the Legendary Sannin, Gutsy Ninja, and the Village’s Madness.
  • In the Naruto series, most ninjas have an affinity for one or two specific chakra types, while some are only proficient in one. However, Jiraiya possesses a unique ability as he is capable of using every chakra type except for lightning.
  • Despite Jiraiya’s extensive experience as a shinobi and his involvement in numerous wars and battles, his body surprisingly remains relatively undamaged. In fact, he proudly displays to Tsunade his only recent scar, a massive gash that stretches across most of his chest. This particular injury was inflicted by Naruto during a moment when the young ninja lost control of the Nine-Tails’ chakra.

    Big scar on Jiraiya's chest

    A big scar on Jiraiya’s chest

  • Jiraiya’s final words, “A frog in a well does not know the great ocean,” hold deep symbolism and reflect his own journey and realization. This phrase originates from an Asian proverb about a frog confined to a well, unaware of the vastness of the ocean beyond its limited perspective. Similarly, Jiraiya, with his strong convictions and vision of peace, believed he had gained wisdom and understood the world around him. However, this illusion was shattered when Nagato, his former student, turned against him and ultimately took his life. It was much like the arrival of another frog in the well shattered the first frog’s perceived wisdom.
  • Jiraiya was officially offered to be Hokage three times but turned the position down each time. He felt that his personality quirks made him unqualified for such an honor. Jiraiya was deeply loyal to his beliefs and felt that he lacked the responsibility to handle the Hokage position effectively. Instead, Jiraiya chose to serve the village in his own unique way, as a mentor, protector, and advocate for peace.
  • In sage mode, Jiraiya underwent physical transformations that he believed made him less attractive to the opposite sex. His nose would grow larger, he would develop warts, his teeth would become sharp, and he would sport a goatee. Additionally, his eyes would take on a toad-like appearance.

    Jiraiya's appearance in sage mode

    Jiraiya’s appearance in sage mode

  • Unlike his fellow Sannin, Jiraiya chose not to utilize any jutsu techniques to alter his appearance and make himself look younger. While Orochimaru developed the Style Body Replacement Technique and Tsunade possessed the Creation Rebirth technique for this purpose, Jiraiya seemed content with his natural appearance and did not feel the need to change it. Contrary to speculation by fans, it wasn’t that Jiraiya lacked the ability to use such techniques. He was fully capable of employing them if he wished. However, Jiraiya prioritized his chakra usage for combat and other jutsu techniques rather than expending it to maintain a youthful appearance.
  • Jiraiya’s perception of his life as a failure emerged from his deep regrets and the belief that happiness was not destined for him. He carried the weight of his past mistakes and felt that he had fallen short of achieving his goals. Well, What Jiraiya perceived as failure turned out to be a success in the broader scheme of things, as Naruto carried forward his mentor’s ideals and worked towards the peace Jiraiya longed for.
  • Jiraiya’s choice of footwear, the sandals he wore, drew inspiration from traditional Japanese Geta wooden sandals. These sandals were traditionally worn with garments such as kimonos or yukatas, as well as occasionally with Western-style clothing during the summer season. The primary function of Geta sandals is to elevate the wearer’s feet from the ground, keeping them dry and protected from rain and snow. In Jiraiya’s case, his sandals not only served a practical purpose but also added approximately three inches to his height.
  • Jiraiya decided not to settle down because of his deep love for Tsunade, even knowing that their relationship would never come to fruition. In a cruel twist of destiny, Tsunade, just before Jiraiya went to battle Pain, expressed that if he were to survive and return, she would be open to giving their relationship a chance.

    Tsunade and Jiraiya's last converstation

    Tsunade and Jiraiya’s last conversation

  • In the official manga and databooks, Jiraiya’s rank is not specified. However, in the Naruto anime, specifically in Shippūden episode 235, Jiraiya is referred to as a Jōnin.
  • Jiraiya shares the distinction with Itachi Uchiha of having the highest total stats in the official Naruto databook. His overall score was 35.5 out of 40, achieving a perfect score of five in ninjutsu and stamina.
  • Jiraiya accomplished a remarkable total of 1,839 official missions throughout his career, including 58 D-rank, 345 C-rank, 684 B-rank, 614 A-rank, and 138 S-rank missions. This extensive record of completed missions places Jiraiya as the character with the highest number of missions completed in the Naruto series.
  • Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, revealed in an interview during the 2015 Comic Con in New York that Jiraiya was his favorite character after Naruto. Kishimoto expressed that Jiraiya played a crucial role as a generational bridge, connecting the present world of Naruto with the past.

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