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Light Yagami

Light Yagami (1986-2010; in manga) (1989-2013; in anime) is a Japanese student (formerly), Police Detective, Vigilante serial killer, and the main protagonist of the manga series Death Note created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


Light Yagami was born on Friday, February 28, 1986 (Tuesday, 1989 in anime) and Tuesday, February 28, 1995 (TV Series) in Kanto, Japan (in manga/anime) and Tokyo, Japan (in the film) (age 17-18, pre-time skip; 23 post-time skip; and 20 years in TV Series) His zodiac sign is a Pisces. His blood type is A. At the beginning of the series, Light is a senior high school student in his third year at Daikoku Private Academy. Additionally, he takes supplementary classes at Gamou Prep Academy to further his education. As the story progresses, Light enrolls in To-Oh University for his college education.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 10½”

Weight (approx.): 54 kg

Hair Colour: Light Brown

Eye Colour: Brown, Red

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Light Yagami


Knowledge: 9/10

Creativity: 10/10

Initiative: 8/10

Emotional Strength: 10/10

Social Skills: 10/10

Acting Skills: 10/10


Parents & Siblings

Light’s father, Soichiro Yagami, serves on the Japanese Task Force, a team dedicated to investigating and opposing Kira.

Soichiro Yagami

Light Yagami’s father, Soichiro Yagami

His mother, Sachiko Yagami, is a homemaker.

Light Yagami's Mother

Light Yagami’s Mother

Light also has a younger sister named Sayu Yagami, who is a student.

Light Yagami's sister

Light Yagami’s sister


Light Yagami, though not married, was engaged to Misa Amane, who was a talented individual with a career as a model, actress, and singer.

Light Yagami and Misa Amane

Love Interest – Girlfriends

During Light’s first year at university, he was in a relationship with Kiyomi Takada, around the same time he met Misa.

Light Yagami and Kiyomi Takada

Light Yagami and Kiyomi Takada

In the Death Note film adaptation, Light dated Shiori Akino before obtaining his Death Note. As Kira gained notoriety, Shiori expressed strong opposition to his actions.

Light and Shiori Akino

Light and Shiori Akino


Light was raised in Japan, a country where Shinto is the dominant religion. However, as he grew older, he developed atheistic beliefs.


Following Ryuzaki’s demise, Light Yagami takes charge of the Japanese Task Force and assumes the role of L. Once L determines that Kira is located in Japan, he collaborates with the NPA through digital communication. The NPA serves as the primary financial supporter for the Japanese Task Force, which is responsible for tracking down Kira.


Light made his manga debut with ‘Chapter One: Boredom’ in 2003.

Light Yagami in 'Chapter One: Boredom'

Light Yagami in ‘Chapter One: Boredom’


His anime debut was with Episode One: Rebirth in 2006.

Light Yagami in Epiosde One: Rebirth

Light Yagami in Episode One: Rebirth


He was also featured in the film, Death Note (2006), Death Note: The Last Name (2006), L: CHange the WorLd (2008), and Death Note: Light Up the NEW World (2016.)

Light Yagami in the movie L CHange the WorLd (2008)

Light Yagami in the movie L: CHange the WorLd (2008)


His novel debut was L: Change the WorLd (2007) by Takeshi Obata.
Light Yagami in the novel L Change the WorLd (2007)

Light Yagami in the novel L Change the WorLd (2007)

Video Games

Light was also featured in two video games, namely, Death Note: Kira Game (February 2007) and Death Note: Successor to L (July 2007.)
Light Yagami in the video game Death Note: Kira Game

Light Yagami in the video game Death Note: Kira Game

Light Yagami in the video game Death Note: Successor to L

Light Yagami in the video game Death Note: Successor to L


Light is also a character in Death Note: The Musical, a stage adaptation inspired by the Death Note manga series. Frank Wildhorn composed the music, Jack Murphy wrote the lyrics, and Ivan Menchell penned the script. Initially written in English, the musical was translated into Japanese and Korean for their respective productions in 2015.
Light Yagami in Death Note: The Musical

Light Yagami in Death Note: The Musical

TV Drama Debut

In the 2015 Death Note TV series, Light Yagami was portrayed by actor Masataka Kubota.

Masataka Kubota as Light Yagami

Masataka Kubota as Light Yagami

Other Media

Light also made appearances in other popular media, including episode 6 of Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid, as well as Jump Super Stars—a 2D crossover fighting game for the Nintendo DS featuring characters from Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Light Yagami in Jump Super Stars

Light Yagami in Jump Super Stars

Light Yagami in episode 6 of Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

Light Yagami in episode 6 of Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

Additionally, Light was featured in Jump Ultimate Stars, a fighting video game developed by Ganbarion and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS.

Light Yagami in Jump Ultimate Stars

Light Yagami in Jump Ultimate Stars

Portrayed and Voiced By

Light Yagami has been portrayed by various actors across different adaptations. In the Japanese film, he is played by Tatsuya Fujiwara; in the musical, he is portrayed by both Kenji Urai and Hayato Kakizawa.

Hayato Kakizawa as Light Yagami

Hayato Kakizawa as Light Yagami

Tatsuya Fujiwara as Light Yagami

Tatsuya Fujiwara as Light Yagami

In the TV series, he is played by Masataka Kubota; and in the American film, he is portrayed by Nat Wolff.

Masataka Kubota as Light Yagami

Masataka Kubota as Light Yagami

Nat Wolff as Light Yagami

Nat Wolff as Light Yagami

In terms of voice acting, Mamoru Miyano provides the Japanese voice for Light, while Brad Swaile voices him in English.


Mamoru Miyano (宮野 真守, Miyano Mamoru)


Brad Swaile, Jeremy Jordan (2014 Musical Demo Album)


Tang Li Jing (李景唐, Lǐ Jǐng Táng)


Wai Tak Leung (梁偉德, Loeng4 Jik1 Dak1)


Yeong Seon Kim (김영선, Kim Yeong Seon)


Louie Paraboles


Manuel Campuzano (Mexico), Sergio Zamora (Spain)


José Leonardo


Sergio Zamora


Flavio Aquilone


Alexis Tomassian


Oliver-Kim Hasper, David Turba (Audio drama)


Krisztián Kolovratnik


Panagiotis Apostolopoulos (Παναγιώτης Αποστολόπουλος)


Vadim Prokhorov (Вадим Прохоров)

Live Action Actors

In the Japanese film series, Light is portrayed by Tatsuya Fujiwara. In TV drama by Masataka Kubota (窪田 正孝, Kubota Masataka); in Japanese Musical by Kenji Urai (浦井 健治, Urai Kenji), Hayato Kakizawa; in Korean Musical by Hong Kwang-Ho (2015), Han Ji-Sang (2017); in Russian Musical by Alexander Kazmin (Александр Казьмин) and in the Netflix film by Nat Wolff.


The three Death Notes

The three Death Notes

Sidoh’s Death Note

The first Death Note introduced in the series, which originally belonged to Sidoh, is also the first notebook found and utilized by Light Yagami. This Death Note becomes a pivotal factor in Light’s life, transforming him into the infamous mass murderer known as Kira, who specifically targets criminals.

  • Owner: Sidoh
  • Humans Who Touched It: Light Yagami
  • Used By: Light Yagami
  • Notable Humans Used On: Lind L. Tailor
  • Number of Deaths Caused: 1,000+

Gelus’s Death Note

The second Death Note featured in the series originally belonged to Gelus and is primarily used by Misa Amane after Gelus passes away. Misa relinquishes ownership of the notebook twice: first at Rem’s suggestion while she is detained by the Japanese Task Force, during which Ryuk becomes the Shinigami associated with the notebook, and later at Light Yagami’s command following a time skip. Subsequently, the notebook is given to Teru Mikami, who serves as Kira while Light is incapacitated. In the end, the notebook is obtained by the SPK and burned by Near.

  • Owner: Gelus
  • Humans Who Touched It: Misa Amane
  • Used By: Gelus
  • Notable Humans Used On: Misa Amane’s Stalker

Rem’s Death Note

The third Death Note featured in the series belongs to Rem. She remains the owner of the notebook until her demise.

  • Owner: Rem
  • Humans Who Touched It: Light Yagami
  • Used By: Rem, Light
  • Notable Humans Used On: Ginzo Kaneboshi


Death Note Among School Children

“Death Note” is among several manga/anime series banned in China due to its graphic content. In early 2005, the manga sparked considerable controversy in the country when students in Shenyang, a Chinese city, started creating their own death notes. These students bought stationery notebooks and, following the manga’s example, wrote the names of people they disliked within them. As a result, the school prohibited the use of stationery notebooks altogether. Although some considered the ban excessive and unwarranted, many Chinese parents and teachers supported it. They referred to the death note as “a poison that creates wicked hearts” and explained that the ban was intended to shield innocent children from the “evil notebook.”

Increase in Hate Speech

On May 10th, China Central Television, one of China’s largest television networks, covered a story about a recent Death Note incident in Nanning City, Guangxi. The report revealed that adults had discovered a popular game among elementary school students involving “cursing and predicting the deaths of others using a death notebook.” The network asserted that Death Note is unhealthy for young children and urged parents to shield their offspring from its influence.

American Cast in Death Note Film

In the original manga and anime, the main protagonist, Light Yagami, is Japanese. However, the casting of American actor Nat Wolff (known for “The Fault in Our Stars”) as the lead in the 2017 Death Note movie was seen as highly problematic by many netizens. Additionally, the character’s name was changed to Light Turner. An online petition to boycott the film emerged, stating, “Death Note shouldn’t be cast with all white actors—as it goes against the very soul of the story.” 1

Awards, Honours, Achievements

  • Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film (BIFFF) – 2007
  • Pegasus Audience Award for Best Film to Shûsuke Kaneko
  • Awards of the Japanese Academy (2007)- Best Supporting Actor – Ken’ichi Matsuyama
  • Hong Kong Film Awards (2007)- Best Asian Film
  • Mainichi Film Concours (2007) – Winner of Readers’ Choice Award for Most Popular Film
  • Yokohama Film Festival (2007)- Winner Festival Prize for Best New Talent to Ken’ichi Matsuyama shared with Death Note: The Last Name’s Otoko-tachi no Yamato  and Oyayubi Sagashi
  • Hochi Film Awards (2006)- Winner Hochi Film Award for Best New Actor to Ken’ichi Matsuyama shared with Otoko-tachi no Yamato


Teru Mikami, chosen by Light to eliminate criminals using an additional Death Note, commits an error that leads to Light being apprehended by Near, the SPK, and Japanese law enforcement. Subsequently, Ryuk writes Mikami’s name in his Death Note, ending his life, as forewarned by the Shinigami during their initial encounter. Light Yagami passed away on Thursday, January 28, 2010, or Monday in 2013, as portrayed in the anime.

Light Yagami's death scene in the Anime

Light Yagami’s death scene in the Anime

Light Yagami's death scene in the Manga

Light Yagami’s death scene in the Manga


  • Food:  BBQ (or Consommé) flavored chips
  • Color: Sky Blue


  • Light is also known by other names in Death Note such as Yagami Raito, Kira, The First Kira, L, The Second L, L-Kira, Light Asahi, God (in Japanese: Kami-sama), Night God, Evil, Moon God and Lord Kira.
  • Light Yagami conceals a fragment of Sidoh’s Death Note within his wristwatch.

    Sidoh's Death Note in Light's wristwatch

    Sidoh’s Death Note in Light’s wristwatch

  • The surname Yagami translates to “night god.” Tsugumi Ohba, the author of Death Note, revealed that his editor proposed the last name “Yagami” for Light. Ohba didn’t pay much attention to the name’s meaning (the kanji characters for “Yagami” represent “night” and “god”); however, after crafting the manga’s final scene, he appreciated the added depth it brought to the name. Devotees of Kira worship him under the moonlit night, which aligns with Light’s given name, written using the character for “moon.”
  • Obata dedicated significant effort to designing Light’s attire. He found it challenging to envision the clothing style for “a brilliant person,” so he turned to fashion magazines for inspiration. Obata pictured Light as a “smart and formal guy” who prefers dress shirts. Light’s wardrobe in Death Note mostly consists of “fitted” clothes, with jeans being avoided.
  • Shusuke Kaneko designed Light’s room to mirror his personality by making it tidy and organized, filled with legal, criminal history, foreign, and academic books. Initially, Light’s room featured a stereo; however, Kaneko replaced it with a vacuum cleaner to showcase Light’s obsession with cleanliness.
  • Kenichi Matsuyama, the actor who played L, mentioned that he and Fujiwara became so engrossed in their roles that they didn’t interact on set. However, after filming, they would talk and occasionally go out for drinks together.
  • On the twelfth and final manga cover, Light is depicted in a crucifixion-like pose. This position is replicated in the anime’s second ending sequence and as a secret Nendoroid figure in the Death Note Case File merchandise line. This pose relates to Light’s aspiration to be a Messiah figure for humanity, akin to the Christian Messiah, Jesus Christ.

    Light Yagami on the 12th manga cover

    Light Yagami on the 12th manga cover

  • In the crossover video game Jump Force, Light appears alongside Ryuk as a non-playable story character, with Mamoru Miyano reprising his role. Light aligns with the game’s heroes until he acquires an Umbra Cube, a tool used by the game’s antagonists, aiming to regain the power of the Death Note he lost before the game’s events.
  • In the anime, characters exhibit stylized hair colors while their thoughts are heard by viewers; Light’s color is red.
  • In Death Note Relight 1: Visions of a God, an unnamed Shinigami appears in the Shinigami Realm. This new Shinigami inquires about the whereabouts of the rogue Shinigami, Ryuk. Some speculate that this unnamed Shinigami was designed to encourage viewers to associate him with Light as a potential reincarnation. However, this connection isn’t canonically feasible due to the concept of Mu.

    The unnamed Shinigami in Death Note Relight 1

    The unnamed Shinigami in Death Note Relight 1

  • Light is among the Death Note characters transformed into Nendoroid figures. The Light Nendoroid includes a miniature Death Note, a pen, and three facial expressions: laughing, angry, and neutral. The Light Yagami Nendoroid
  • Light’s surname “Yagami” is also shared by Hikari in the Japanese version of Digimon, who possesses the Crest of Light. Additionally, Light’s nickname “Kira” is an anagram of “Kari,” Hikari’s English name.
  • In a couple of four-panel bonus chapters in the manga, Light’s character becomes kinder during the Christmas season, even dressing as Santa Claus and distributing gifts. However, his generosity has limits, as he refuses to buy Ryuk the Gameboy Advance SP he desires due to its high cost and the fact that Shinigami do not celebrate Christmas.
  • Both of Light’s actors, Tatsuya Fujiwara and Masataka Kubota, have appeared in Rurouni Kenshin movies, with Fujiwara portraying Shishio Makoto and Kubota playing the ill-fated Akira Kiyosato.
  • Light’s relationship with L parallels Judas’ relationship with Jesus. The scene in which L massages Light’s feet emphasizes this connection, referencing Jesus washing Judas’s feet despite knowing about the impending betrayal and his own doom.

    The scene where L is washing Light's feet

    The scene where L is washing Light’s feet

  • Although Light is the primary antagonist of the series, he has become one of the most prominent characters in the official Anime Heroes franchise, alongside Ryuk and L Lawliet. He is featured in numerous merchandise items and hero-related media.
  • In the Death Note anime, Light’s writing style consists of creating eight vertical rows of names across two pages, with four rows on each page. This amounts to a total of 304 names on both pages.

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